It would be unprofessional to gossip here about some of the amazingly ugly kitchens that exist out there in the world of real estate. We’ve seen a few. Such kitchens can effectively send prospective buyers screaming into the night. In property presentation Sydney, when we are faced with such a kitchen, we must do our best to un-ugly them without traumatising the owners. Often these kitchens are the owner’s favorite room of the house. Beauty is, after all, in the eyes of the beholder.

The drill is pretty simple. We need to help the owners understand that not everybody on the planet loves a room that looks as if it has been coated in mustard from ceiling to floor. (Yes, there is still vinyl flooring in that precise shade of yellow.) The home stager’s job is to make a home as attractive as possible to as many people as possible, mustard notwithstanding.

Here we hope to help you know whether or not your kitchen is – shall we say – not going to WOW prospective buyers in a good way. As always, we hope owners will consult fearlessly with their home stager. These professionals, like your hairdresser or your trainer, are there to help address your unpretty parts. Listen to their advice and try not to be too sensitive.

The One Colour Kitchen
Here, we don’t mean the monochromatic kitchen which could use seven or 12 different shades of orange. This is a plan for those folks who bought one tin of pumpkin-coloured paint and painted everything but the benchtops with it.

The 60-30-10 Rule in Painting
Break it up, please. There’s nothing wrong with monochromatic. However, when you set out to decorate any area, it’s a good idea to start with a fabric or a piece of artwork in which the colours you like – or in the case of a for-sale home – that the buyers will like are featured. Then choose three colours in the mix and use them in the 60-30-10 way. The dominant colour should cover 60 percent of the room, the secondary colour should be used about 30 percent of the time and the final colour, should be 10 percent. (For example, use the third colour for trim.) This little colour wizard can help make your entire room look as if it were meant to be.

The Too Busy Kitchen
Wallpaper can be a beautiful addition to a kitchen, giving it texture and style. But it is also a very personal statement about the owner. Since you will be attempting to erase your fingerprints on the house, your home stager may suggest that you eliminate the paper in order to make the kitchen appeal to more buyers.

Discuss this with your property presentation Sydney professional before you start stripping the paper off the walls. Perhaps you made a perfectly acceptable choice in the first place and papered with one of the more universal kitchen prints. Nevertheless, wallpaper can become old, dirty, and dated. It can also make the walls close in.

Particularly if your room has other issues, like size or light levels, the project of removing or replacing wallpaper may be impossible to avoid. A small room where there is just too much going on can usually benefit from cutting down on the pattern and adding clean, uncluttered expanses of quiet, neutral colour.

The Carpeted Kitchen
There was a time when kitchen carpeting was all the rage. That time has passed. Kitchen carpet that may remain in your house is certainly dirty, stained, and right out of the 1980s. Get rid of it and replace it with laminate in any one of these possibilities: wood-looking planks, stone-looking planks, or tile-looking planks. Trust us. The money you spend in replacing the carpeting will more than make up for the discounted offers you will get if you leave it where it is.

Part 2 of this article will continue soon. Meanwhile, understand that the way you and your stager work together to eliminate less-than-inspiring elements in your kitchen will bring you closer to the sale price you’re looking for. Professional property presentation Sydney, Sutherland Shire, or the Inner West, is the way to win in the real estate game.

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