Sydney’s Inner West is among the most architecturally beautiful in the Greater Sydney area. Because it was developed during the Victorian era, it still has some of the most interesting and authentic buildings in the region. The fact that the area also demonstrates a good bit of cultural diversity means it is alight with interest on the real estate market. Of course, the diversity and the features of the area as a whole, make the selling of property there a bit tricky. If you’re planning to sell in this area, please don’t forget to throw in some property styling Inner West.

The fact that the area is so convenient to Sydney’s CBD makes it very attractive for the millennial buyers we speak of so frequently here. The cultural diversity gives it a wider, more eclectic appeal.
The Inner West is resplendent with parks and gardens, making it a magnet for those who enjoy the out-of-doors. The water is never far away in these suburbs. Views of the harbour and sundry inlets are abundant here, making it appealing to many.

With the University of Sydney as a centrepiece, the Inner West has many cafes, restaurants, bars, markets and galleries for the millennial to savour. If you’re fishing for a young home buyer, the Inner West is great bait with its artsy, intellectual vibe.

However, as always with the buying segment we call millennials, it takes something of a special flair to prepare a house for sale to them. One should not leave loose ends if the package you’re tying up is meant for somebody who came of age in the past 30 years.

When a Millennial decides to buy property, the place needs to be properly finished and without obvious items on its ‘to do’ list. If the roof needs attention, attend to it. If the air-conditioning unit makes a grinding noise when it kicks in, call in a pro. Off-putting signals that something isn’t right can make a millennial pack up his or her interest and escape swiftly into the night. These buyers like “move in ready” homes.

An experienced property stylist who has had experience in the very different and diverse suburban areas of Sydney will know exactly how to help you present your property. From colours on the walls to the finish on the floors and bannisters, somebody with experience in the locality is your best prospect for property styling Inner West.

People, like exotic birds, tend to congregate in places that please them. Millennials are generally looking for a home that makes them look successful and makes them feel safe and secure. There are plenty of properties, from magnificent mansions to terraced houses and new apartments, that fit the bill in the Inner West.

One of the most important keys to selling a house or apartment anywhere in the Sydney suburbs is your property stylist’s understanding of the way people in your particular buying niche think. People in the property styling field invest lots of money in learning these bits and pieces which, in the end, can make or break a sale. This proprietary information is gathered in an ongoing search for intimate details that will be leveraged into action by a good styling firm.

Whether you are hoping to sell a home in Newtown or Balmain, setting the stage is critical. Knowing that potential buyers can relate to that stage will depend on the level of experience and know-how your property styling firm can muster. When it comes to a real estate transaction that can represent your family’s entire nest-egg, the person to whom you entrust it matters in a big way.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, we’ve been dressing homes in Sydney’s Inner West for many years. Before we were home stagers, we were real estate selling agents. That valuable experience and our subsequent hands-on dealings with potential property buyers make us the ideal staging firm for you. We are very well steeped in property styling Inner West. These properties deserve a stager who knows how to make the most of them.

When you’re ready to sell, call Urban Chic Property Styling. We’ll help you get the job done.

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