Easily among Sydney’s most beautiful and scenic regions, Sutherland Shire, lovingly called The Shire by its residents, is at its best in spring. If this is the year you plan to sell your Sutherland Shire property, then now is absolutely the time to put your home or apartment on the market for sale. While some of the more ‘citified’ suburbs are enjoying a culturally diverse influx of new homebuyers, The Shire tends to be a more conservative and traditional market, according to those who are experts in the field of home and property styling Sutherland Shire. Your niche in the larger housing market may well garner you a higher sale price overall.

Markets have their own personalities, and those who will shop for, and ultimately buy, property in Sutherland Shire may not fall immediately into the biggest pool of buyers, the millennials.

Millennial buyers tend to be more concerned with how to spend their leisure time than the former heavy hitters in real estate, the baby boomers. Boomers loved the idea of nest-building. They worked for a lifetime to buy and improve their homes. Mowing a large lawn and tending to an extravagant garden are boomer activities. Skydiving and surfing are higher pursuits in the millennial mind. All of which brings up the most important reason you will need to find the best property styling Sutherland Shire experts you can. You have the best of both worlds. In The Shire, you have a plethora of outdoor activities which will draw either the boomer or the millennial like a magnet, if you stage your home correctly.

Staging a home depends in large part on whom your ultimate buyer will most likely be. So, given the information already mentioned, your options can go either way. This makes your styling options a bit more difficult, which is the single best reason to have an experienced home stager on your team. It simply pays to have as much information as possible about the buyers in your particular pool.

Home design specialists spend countless hours and many dollars annually on collection and application of the inside information about prospective buyers. Your design expert will highlight the best assets about your home in either case, but if you have a huge lot with gorgeous gardens, chances are the design is best slanted to appeal to the boomer. If yours is a place with a small yard and energy efficient appliances, fixtures, and systems, it will appeal more to the budget-minded millennial. In your situation, you may decide to bait your hook for the fish with bigger wallets. Those are decisions to make with your real estate selling agent and your home stager.

The best news of all is that a well-styled home will, almost without fail, sell for more money and will sell far faster than an unstyled or poorly staged property. These profits will more than pay for the staging itself.

The second part of the good news is that a professionally staged home sells far faster than its counterparts. While unstyled homes languish on the market for months, the well styled home sells fast, saving you a substantial amount of money in mortgage payments and other maintenance costs.

Proper property styling Sutherland Shire may present exciting alternative options, it can also be challenging to know which of the many property styling firms to whom you should entrust your home. We hope that you will consider Urban Chic Property Styling. Not only do we have a long-standing, sterling reputation in the Greater Sydney area, we have all the cutting edge information that will help us style your property in such a way that both the boomers and the millennials will find your home irresistible. Only experience can give your best-of-both-worlds property the appeal to capture the attention of not one, but two, of the most important buyer segments in the market today. Call Urban Chic Property Styling and let us help you make the most of your investment.


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