In the past, we have told you that staging a house for sale is a bit like dressing your teenaged daughter for the high school formal. It’s really more magical than just putting her into a pretty dress and adding mascara, though. Home stagers do so much more than that. They have a portmanteau stuffed with tricks of the trade – and when we say ‘tricks’ we mean magical ones that can transform your hard-working home or apartment to an entirely new level of wonderful. While they don’t transform pumpkins into carriages, your home design specialist can add the touches that will ultimately bring sparkle and pizazz to your house.

Home selling is full of unhappy realities. Your home may be plain and ordinary. The rooms may be small or the backyard unimpressive. You can clean and polish it. You can repair the air-conditioning unit and replace the kitchen range and those things will be good, but making your house able to capture the attention and the hearts of prospective buyers almost always requires a bit of stardust.
If you take the time to have a look-see at the houses for sale on the Sydney market, it can shake you to the core. The real estate marketplace in our area is so challenging and the prices so high that both buyers and sellers are incredibly intense. Sellers see that their place may be worth more than they ever would have imagined. Buyers know that they have saved for years to simply afford a deposit. Neither party is in the mood to settle for less than perfection.
Enter the home stagers.

The house is so clean that you can see your reflection in nearly all surfaces. All the systems from the roof to the plumbing are functioning as expected. The walls are without blemish and the whole place seems new. Now, the home stylist opens that magical bag. In it are the game-changing bits and pieces that cause flaws to disappear and practically create a chorus of trumpets to introduce your home’s most beautiful features.

Your home stager will bring in the perfect furnishings to make your small rooms appear larger, and your cramped kitchen feel more than ample. Your laundry area might take on the look of one that could appear as an ‘after’ photo on a home flipping television program.

All the tiny details we lay-folk might not think of, like the perfect rug topped with the ideal ottoman, are all inside the magical bag of the home stylist. There are silk flowers, and the other ornaments to dress your shelving. Your stager will work to draw attention to your remarkable fireplace wall and away from that oddly placed window. A home stager lights up your home in ways you might never have considered and it is this illumination that makes the big difference.

A home sale is, more than likely, the biggest business deal you’ll ever undertake. Your home investment is exactly that – an investment. The mortgage payments you’ve made over the years have been socked away as savings. Now you want to get your savings back out topped with a big return on your investment. If selling your home for top dollar is your goal, nobody knows the best way to accomplish it than a really good property presentation professional. This is, of course, the reason most selling agents advise their clients to call in a home styling specialist.

When prospective buyers approach your house to tour the inside, it is the moment of truth. Scientists tell us that the decision to buy happens within minutes and it is tied to emotion. It isn’t unlike the “love at first sight” moment between the Prince and Cinderella. It’s the powerful emotion your home creates that will seal the deal. Hopefully you’ve brought in someone who has a magic wand and knows how to use it.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, we’ve been creating magic in Sydney area homes for decades. We’ve invested in the biggest and best bag of tricks and our experience is beyond compare. We are perfectly prepared to make your Cinderella house ready for the real estate ball – and give you a better chance at living happily ever after.

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