If you don’t happen to be buying or selling property, watching the way the migration of home-owners moves around the greater Sydney area can be an entertaining pastime. It’s not football, but it has its moments. The suburbs we think of as Sydney’s Inner West are getting some play lately and we’re happy to report that homeowners in that area are quietly selling property there with just a bit of property styling Inner West. Property owners are learning that new interest in their area is building and coming to fruit in the market thanks to that age-old real estate mantra: Location. Location. Location. They are, indeed, the three most important words in the industry.

Because of the proximity to the Central Business District and the easy access to it thanks to transport routes, Sydneysiders are opening their eyes to the benefits of the Inner West. The housing prices here are more affordable, the lifestyle is family-friendly, and there are ample transport options.

Even though the housing prices across the board are in mid-correction, properties in the Inner West seem to be holding their own. This means that now is still a great time to sell there if you’re keen to migrate a little yourself.

Because there are, overall, more houses on the market now than there were a year ago, it’s important that if you’re selling you pay special attention to the lipstick. In other words, you want your house to have every cosmetic advantage possible to compete with others in your price range. People sometimes overlook even serious flaws when the overall package is appealing.

Having a terrific home stylist is the key to moving your property anywhere in the Sydney market, but if you’re about property styling Inner West, you are bound have some serious competition. Now that your neighbourhoods are catching the eyes of buyers, it’s doubly important that each and every attractive detail your house has to offer is amplified to the max so that your house out shines the competition.

The more ordinary or predictable your house happens to be, the more important it is that you invest wisely in really exceptional property styling. Your goal is to list a property that stands out – an excellent property staging company can do that for you.

From the moment your stylist enters your house for the first time, he or she is making notes, taking in the architectural atmosphere, and running through thousands of scenarios in which your house gets transformed into a showplace. The transformation is a combination of things – a recipe that includes not just optics, but also sensation, and psychological toggle switches.

Scientists have discovered that buying decisions for big-ticket items like cars and houses are made in the emotional seat of the brain. If the house doesn’t trigger a positive emotional reaction in the buyer, the chances are that it won’t sell. It’s up to your property stager to know what moves your buyer and to provide it. Not an easy task.

Do stagers employ crystal balls to do this? Nope. They rely on scientific research data, focus groups, and consumer studies to learn what strikes a chord with which buyer. The staging industry understands that marketing any product requires a clear and intimate understanding of the target – your buyer. Then, their design and decorating training kicks in.

A great stager can turn your humble Inner West house or apartment into the very best it can be. That’s not all. They also tailor it specifically to the needs of the buyers most likely to consider your house as a likely purchase, making it nearly irresistible. This is how love at first sight in the real estate world is accomplished.

When you’re ready to sell your house or apartment, make an appointment for a consultation with a reputable and experienced property styling Inner West specialist. Look for a firm that has been in business long enough to understand market fluctuations like the one we’re currently seeing and that thoroughly “gets” the charm associated with Inner West neighbourhoods. It is this combination of skill, talent and inside information that will make the difference in your house sale.

Image courtesy of Adam Robinson Design.

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