Are you selling your property in the Inner West? It’s a wonderful time to cash in on the Bohemian lifestyle and reputation of your neighbourhood. Young professionals and millennial buyers are sure to find that homes in your area are a perfect fit for them. With a little help from a specialist in property styling Inner West homes are sure to find a place in the spotlight in 2018.

Buyers who fit into the niche we call millennial buyers – those who came of age since 1990 – are tuned to the unique sense of place offered by the Inner West. With theatres, shops, cafes and, of course, the University, your choice of investment real estate stands to make a big splash when the time comes to sell. However, setting the stage for a big performance in the sales department may require a something extra.

Millennials love drama. They also love uncomplicated. Dressing your house or apartment to meet these needs – and all the other ‘must haves’ the millennials seek — will require a home stylist with a feel for the buyers themselves.

It’s helpful to know that professionals in the home staging industry spend many of their resources in the process of knowing and understanding what makes buyers tick. Through unceasing research, studies, and surveys professional stagers make it their business to learn everything they can about each segment of the housing market. It is through this hard-earned familiarity that they are able to tailor a house to the broadest spectrum of buyers.

The task may sound easy enough, but it’s far trickier than you think. When a house sits in an older, more suburban neighbourhood, it’s likely to appeal to the group we call baby boomers. These people were part of the generation born just after World War II. Their attitudes to life are far, far more sedate than those of millennials.

Where the baby boomer will be content to go sailing, the millennial will inevitably seek out the more boisterous activities such as parasailing. The baby bomer might enjoy a weekend puttering in the vegetable garden. The millennial, on the same weekend, is likely to be found rock climbing. Baby boomers may like the idea of making a house their own; doing their own painting, laying the brick path to the pool. Millennials, on the other hand, have different things to do with their time. They want those upgrading chores already completed when they move in.

While millennials may feel right at home in your neighbourhood, they will expect you to have the property ready to be moved into before the ink dries on the new mortgage papers. They expect the homes they view to be complete, right down to providing furniture arrangement suggestions and all the bells and whistles of property styling Inner West. They want more for their money and if you don’t provide it, you may be left in the dust.

Fortunately, the cost to set the stage for your big real estate transaction is smaller than you’d ever imagine. Better yet, the price you pay to have your home professionally staged almost always comes back to you at sale. Professionally prepared homes invariably sell for much more – as much as 12 percent above the asking price. They also sell faster.

When you select your real estate selling agents, chances are that they will advise you to call in a professional stager first. According to statistics, professionally staged homes sell, on average, in about 11 days. Unstaged homes can linger on the market for 90 days. The question becomes, how much money can you afford to lose in terms of the time your house lingers on the market?

With a little help from a reputable staging company, your house will sell in a hurry. In this, perhaps the biggest business transaction you’ve ever tackled, you will want to make sure all the power players are on your side. This includes your real estate selling agent, of course. It also includes your expert at property styling Inner West. You must think of the small expense as part of the cost of doing business.

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