Making the most out of your property prior to listing it on the real estate market is practically a no-brainer. With the many, many houses and apartments on the market for sale these days – about 26 percent more inventory this year over last  year – doing everything within your power to upgrade and upsell is important. It goes beyond clean and tidy these days. Now, buyers expect to see a fully furnished version of your house in the listing photos and when they tour. It’s no wonder that businesses providing services like furniture hire Sydney are booming.

Few of us just happen to have a spare set of furnishings lying about that can completely outfit a vacant house. What we do have is probably a mixed and more-or-less matched set of pieces we have acquired over the years. Some is due to be thrown out. Some pieces are cherished heirlooms; others are the product of furniture/décor shopping on a whim. These things are fine, just probably not material to be set as your world-wide marketing identity.

The best thing about hiring somebody else’s furniture for the listing and sale of our homes is, we can pick out all new stuff that actually goes seamlessly together.

Cohesiveness is something that home buyers might not even know they want from a house, but if it isn’t there they notice right away.

We know from scientific studies that emotions are at the root of home-buying decisions. Anything – an out-of-place rug or even a single smudged window – can interrupt the carefully constructed “emotional well-being” the buyer seeks. It’s a bit like a big pothole on an otherwise leisurely Sunday drive. It jars the buyers’ awareness and makes them look for trouble. Who needs that?

So, your stylist will spend hours creating a seamlessly pleasant experience for buyers. The art on the walls, the perfectly placed rugs, even the colour and quantity of towels on the rack in the master bathroom are chosen to melt into each other to create an experience of uninterrupted contentment. That’s how big sales happen.

In the nightmare world of do-it-yourself home staging, it’s not unusual to have an image of how the house is supposed to look completely destroyed when the furniture hire Sydney vendor you selected doesn’t have or cannot provide the sofa you were counting on. An unfinished, under polished or otherwise poorly presented house won’t bring top dollar. It’s a sad fact many Sydneyside sellers discover too late.

You owe it to yourself and your investment portfolio, where your real estate holdings should have top billing; to be sure your property is up to snuff on auction day. In selling real estate, having the very best staging also means having quality furnishings presented in perfectly balanced settings. If you want this big investment to pay off, you are wise to engage a top-notch home styling company when you offer it for sale.

As you’re selecting that home styling company, do yourself the favour of finding one that has an inventory of furnishings in-house. The biggest problem with furniture hire vendors is that they often send their furnishings out the door on a first-come-first-served basis with little or no thought to providing a curated look for their other patrons. Taking that one sofa out of the mix can destroy the continuity of an entire house. That’s a tough hit to recover from in a real estate market as competitive as ours is.

Make no mistake. Buyers in and around Sydney are very sophisticated. They may not know precisely what they want, but they have a pretty good idea. They will know it when they see it and we guarantee – they will know for certain when it’s not there. Fortunately for sellers, a very good property styling company has made the investment in research to provide the exact ‘this’ and the perfect ‘that’ to give buyers the necessary sense of “home” they want.

Before you even think of doing your own property styling, give the professionals at Urban Chic Property Styling a call. Find out, as many already do, that property styling doesn’t have to be expensive. It just needs to be done well and nobody does it better than Urban Chic.

Photo credit:  Image courtesy of Oz Design.

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