More often than not these days, real estate agents and the vendors they represent turn to the art of home staging or house styling for sale in order to keep the Sydney residential property market clipping along.

There was a time, not too long ago, that staging a home prior to listing it for sale was the bailiwick of billionaires. Back then, only extraordinary properties with price tags to match received the benefit of a styling face-lift ahead of the sale. Today, however, styling property is the rule, rather than the exception.

Real estate selling agents have realised that today’s property buyer operates differently than any other buyer in history. These buying habits must be taken into account in order for selling agents to succeed. How are today’s buyers different?

They Shop Online

Today’s real estate buyer begins the search for a new home on the internet. Well over 90 percent of buyers comb through home listings online for hours upon hours before they narrow the field down to a few “must see” homes. This means that, unless your home looks absolutely magnificent in the internet photos, it’s likely to be passed over.

They Want More, More, More for their Money

Home prices in the greater Sydney area are still rising. The average price of homes in Australia’s major cities rose 11.4 percent in 2015 – Sydney led the pack with a whopping rise of 19.9 percent in that same time period. Home buyers are feeling stung by the prices, so they are looking for all the added value they can find in houses they consider. This means they search for homes that feature energy efficient systems – they want a better insulated home and superior appliances and heating and cooling systems that promise lower monthly utility bills for the long term. They don’t mind paying more for money-saving features.

This bargain-seeking can work in favour of the seller if they follow the lead of savvy selling agents. Dressing the house in a way that makes it look like it just slipped off the pages of Dream Homes magazine can help the buyer see the home’s value more clearly. This step involves enlisting the help of a professional home staging company.

According to Domain, some real estate agents say that the money spent on professional styling can come back five-fold in the ultimate sale price.

The Bonus

When a home is professionally staged, there is a bonus beyond a higher sale price. House styling for sale also serves to increase the number of prospective buyers. Selling agents recognise that a home that is beautifully presented attracts more potential buyers to viewings than an empty or poorly staged house. The home sells faster as a result of the added traffic. (Professionally styled homes usually sell in days rather than weeks or months.)

A faster sale, to the vendors, can represent huge savings in terms of the on-going expenses associated with a house that lingers on the market for an extended period – strata fees, council rates, utility bills, mortgage payments, insurance premiums, and more. This can amount to thousands of dollars – in many cases, in excess of the cost to stage the home.

For these reasons, smart sellers are using companies that provide house staging for sale to increase their financial benefits at closing. Ask your selling agent to recommend a home styling company. Chances are they will suggest Urban Chic Property Styling. Our services are known to be among the best in the Sydney area. We have the experience, the expertise, and the passion it takes to bring your real estate sale to the next level.

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