Do you own property in Sydney’s Inner West area? If you’ve ever thought of selling your house, now may be the time. The property prices are still dizzyingly high and there are plenty of people looking for a place to live close to the city’s fast pace and within an easy commute. The Inner West has those qualities according to our friends who make a living property styling Inner West.

Perhaps the best part about owning property in the Inner West is that the cultural pool is very deep and diverse. Buyers can easily find a place to be comfortable and happy no matter what their ethnicity happens to be. So where do you begin to cash in on Sydney’s property boom?

Begin by consulting with somebody who knows and understands what property styling Inner West entails. We always suggest beginning with a property stager. So do real estate selling agents. It happens that the market in our area is so very competitive you have to take a few extra steps in making your home ready to list. Your selling team – meaning your selling agent and your home stager – has the information necessary for you to dress your house for selling success.

Your property stager will first ask you to declutter and depersonalise. This, in a nutshell, means taking down family photos and getting lots of your personal things packed up and put out of sight. Some people attempt to live in their homes while the open inspection and viewing process is ongoing. We leave that decision up to you. Knowing the kind of stress and pressure living in a ‘for sale’ home can bring, we encourage you to think very carefully before you try it.

Whatever you do, the first stages of moving are pretty much the same, no matter where you plan to spend the nights and days before you are able to move into your new home. Getting the personal items – the ones that identify the house as belonging to somebody other than the buyer – come first.
Your goal in showing your home is to make buyers see that this particular home could work for them. The average buyer is most interested in finding a property that can be moved into right away. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for them to imagine moving in with your toothbrush still in the master bathroom. Putting your personal items away and out-of-sight is critical to create the ‘move in ready’ vibe.

The second goal is to help the house or apartment look large – larger than it really is. Doing this is fairly straightforward. The first step is to declutter. If you look around the room where you are reading this, you are apt to see things that you don’t use, don’t like, and don’t particularly want. Those things have to go. Removing every unnecessary or unwanted item from the space is a great way to begin the moving process.

While you’re sorting, go ahead and pack up everything that you won’t be using during the showing period. Pots and pans that you don’t use every week, dishes you only use when you’re hosting a party, and everything else that can be spared in a greatly simplified day-to-day life. Keep just what you must have to get by.

The rest of your stuff should be moved to a different location. If you’ve already purchased your new home maybe you can start moving things in. If not, by all means, rent a storage unit and pack the non-essentials off to that space. If that’s not possible for any other reason and as a last resort, put the boxed articles in one corner of your garage. Remember, we are looking for the wide open spaces in each room and in every corner of your home.

Selling your home in Sydney’s Inner West suburbs may be much easier than you ever imagined. The key, according to those whose job is property styling Inner West, is to get the right kind of advice, then give the pros the room they need to do their jobs. Creating a larger looking dwelling with a move-in-ready feel can help you sell your property quickly for the best possible price and that, after all, is the name of the game.

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