If you’ve been considering the sale of your Western Suburbs property, you couldn’t have picked a better time. The news is full of stories about plans for the Metro West and the ways in which the project will speed up transportation and provide for more jobs in the region. When it comes to practical considerations, there is simply nothing like good transportation to make an area shine brilliantly. Now is the time to unclutter your house, pack up your bed linens and bring in the home stagers who are expert in property styling Western Suburbs. It’s a great time to sell.

Oh, you might have been reading lately about the housing market slipping and prices taking a downward turn, but those little inconveniences are to be expected in real estate. Markets shift. But there are some advantages that cannot be underestimated. One of them, particularly in the greater Sydney area, is the boost new transportation plans can give an area.

Most people don’t like the idea of actually living in the city. When people are investing in a home, they want the property to meet their needs for the foreseeable future. Knowing that the investment is probably the largest one they will ever make, they look carefully at communities with great amenities, a good jobs market, and the means to transport them wherever they need to be without too much hassle. They want to locate in a place with a future. Three cheers for the Metro!

Of course, even this built-in advantage will still need some lipstick. Today’s buyers are going to be very selective about the properties they choose. These market shifts have made finding loans a bit more challenging. When banks won’t loan the money Joe Buyer wants for his dream home, his expectations get whittled down. If he cannot have his dream home, poor old Joe will search diligently until he has a wish list that’s as full as he can possibly make it.

Enter the home stylist specialising in property styling Western Suburbs. This stylist knows Joe inside out and already understands what he wants. The really good home stylist spends countless hours becoming acquainted with the qualities of buyers in each of the buyer segments. In this way, a home stager obtains the powerful information it takes to provide exactly the right triggers to entice Joe and his wife Jane Buyer to actually BUY.

Buying decisions, you see, are made in the part of the brain where emotions live. Your listed property must seduce the prospective buyer. To complicate matters, the reaction needs to be love at first sight, because that buying decision is triggered in a matter of seconds after the buyer enters the property for the first time. It’s a visceral reaction and it is no accident.

Your home stager will make all the right choices in the design of your home based on careful research. The best home stagers know what things are irresistible to buyers in each age group and income range – this gives them the proprietary information necessary to seal the deal quickly and usually for more money than you, the seller, ever imagined.

Now that a trip from Parramatta to the CBD in a quick 15 to 20-minute jaunt is in the works, new local jobs will demand housing sooner rather than later. If projections are in line, there will be tens of thousands of new jobs sprouting up along the route. Put another way – prepare yourself. Savvy investors are already eyeing the Western Suburbs as the Promised Land.

As you prepare to offer your property for sale, understand that not all home styling companies are created equally. You are going to want a staging company that offers a complete package – including not just furniture and art advice. They should come complete with furniture hire and delivery. They should claim many years of experience in meeting the needs of buyers and they should come complete with excellent, verifiable references. You will want a company that can enhance and transform your property to one that today’s buyer will find difficult to resist.

Urban Chic Property Styling has been in the business of property styling Western Suburbs for decades. We offer full service property styling with a proven record. Call us today for a consultation – let’s get ready to maximise your investment potential.

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