The Psychology of the Sale

When we think of buying a home, we expect the decisions around the purchase to be purely financial ones. How much is the house worth? Is it priced well? Can we afford it? The fact is these things do come into play, but interestingly, the emotions evoked by the house itself play a much larger part than we would have imagined. What’s more, those who are in the business of house styling Sydney let us know in no uncertain terms that a ‘love at first sight’ moment can happen between buyer and the property that will numb all the financial wisdom on the table.

Now, more than ever before, a real estate transaction is driven by first impressions, ‘eye candy’, and the sense of well-being the house summons up in the buyer. To date, we know of no studies that will tell us if the emotional facet of real estate buying has always been around, but we can be sure that since the advent of home staging, or house styling as it is sometimes called, the proverbial bar has been raised significantly.

These days, about 90 percent of real estate buyers begin their home searches on the internet. This means that the visual aspects of the home are on the front burner. If a house doesn’t have excellent optics, it may never make anybody’s “must see” list. The average, empty home doesn’t fare well when it comes to internet browsing.

We understand that once a house makes the list, the first visit happens consecutively with the first cut. When a buyer enters the house for the first time, he or she will either love it or not. If he or she doesn’t love it within 10 seconds, they probably won’t be buying it. Again, this creates an enormous challenge for the seller. Enter home stagers.

The art of home staging has taken hold in a big way in Australia. It’s also on the upswing in other countries, including the US where it is now considered to be one of the two essential component parts of a successful sale. (The first is pricing the house appropriately according to comparable sales.) In the US, as it is in Australia, staging the house has become the key to selling the house in a short period of time and for top dollar.

When you factor in the costs of upkeep of a home that is not selling, it can represent an investment to rival the cost of staging in the first place.

The other half of the equation is that staged homes generally sell for a higher price. Couple that with the cost savings, and it becomes crystal clear why real estate selling agents urge their clients to obtain the services of a house styling Sydney specialist.

The psychology of the sale is really not a mystery. It’s the tireless research home stylists engage in as they go about their work. Home stagers spend incredible amounts of resources discovering the things that buyers really want. A good staging company will be able to tell you all about the buyers in your market, from their favourite colours to their likely hobbies and recreational interests. These things represent the real keys to the transaction.

Displaying your home in the most appealing terms enhances the opportunity for that ‘happily ever after’ moment to happen. When a home stager puts these special pieces of inside information to work in his/her design plan for your home, the emotions are sure to follow. Your investment in home styling Sydney is not just a smart one, it’s bound to be one that pays off in big ways.

Call the professional stylists at Urban Chic Property Styling today and see how you can apply the psychology of the sale to your real estate transaction. You’ll be glad you did.

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