If you are making plans to sell your house, you have lots of work ahead of you. If you’re planning to do your own home staging without the benefits of a home staging company, you REALLY have a big job ahead of you. If you’re not going to acquire furniture for your staging through a company that does furniture hire Sydney, but are using your own furnishings or family cast offs, there will be refurbishing ahead. There will also be lots of cleaning.

One of our New Year’s resolutions for 2018 was to find less expensive ways of doing things. The aisle at the grocery where cleaning products are kept is an expensive gauntlet to run. Yes. There are high-powered cleaning solutions there that “promise” to make your life easier with their super powers, but they are just plain spendy. They don’t always keep their promises, either.

Upholstery cleaner
This works well for anything covered in cloth although we urge you not to get too vigorous or violent with fine fabrics. Most fabrics that are used in living room furniture are meant to take some rough treatment. If you’re doing other upholstered pieces that might be fragile just try to find a cleaning label before you begin. Upholstered bedheads are notorious for being uncleanable.

Step 1: Vacuum the furniture very thoroughly.

Step 2: Drag out your mixmaster. Into the bowl, place 2 cups of warm water, 3 tablespoons of vinegar, and 3 tablespoons of liquid dishwashing detergent. Attach the whisk beater and give it a serious whisking. You want to create all the thick, rich bubbles you can manage.

Step 3: Using just the foam you’ve created, cover the surface of the cushion or whatever section of the sofa, chair or ottoman you’re cleaning. Cover the entire surface, even if you’re only worried about a single spot. Having one clean spot is just as bad as having a single dirty one.

Step 4: You can use a brush to scrub, particularly if the fabric you’re working with is robust. Generally, for dirt that isn’t deep and crusty, a cheap wash cloth or old hand towel will work. Rub vigorously to work the foam into the fabric. (Remember, you don’t want a lot of water. That will cause water stains and make you wish you’d gone the furniture hire Sydney route rather than DIY.)

Step 5: Now, using another clean hand towel or wash cloth that you’ve dampened and wrung out thoroughly, rub the fabric and watch the dirt come up. (Using a light coloured cloth will let you see your progress as it soaks up the dirt. So satisfying.) Keep your cleaning cloth well rinsed so as to avoid the reapplication of old dirt.

Step 6: Now, bring out your portable fan and aim it at the piece of furniture you’ve been working on. Set it on high and allow the piece to dry thoroughly.

Hopefully, your cleaned piece will look exactly the way it did in the showroom and will make your staged home look magnificent. If it does not, remember that the furnishings you use to stage your home will play a big part in the ultimate sale of your home. If your house doesn’t instantly WOW the prospective buyers, chances are you will have missed the boat.

Home buyers have so many places to choose from in the Greater Sydney area that they won’t take a second look at mediocre property. You want your furnishings to enhance the look, not subtract from the ambiance of your house. When in doubt, call in a professional home stager and furniture hire Sydney.

These professionals can set your place up so that it will capture the attention of buyers instantly.
Make the best business decision when it comes to preparing your home for sale. The point of saving money – as in buying no painfully expensive cleaning products – is to save money for the really important stuff. A professional staging company and furniture hire Sydney is some of the important stuff that will gain money for you in the end. Selling your home is a business transaction. Treat it as such. We can help.

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