When a jeweller determines how to display the beautiful gemstone he’s just cut, he considers a number of things. He looks at the cut, the colour, the play of light on the facets, the style, and imagines it, we’re sure, on the hand of the future owner. It’s in this way that a master jeweller creates irresistible baubles. Interestingly, when any work of art is created, the same steps come into play. The same steps are part of the way a professional home stylist plans the way your house will look and how to select the accent pieces and the furniture hire Sydney to be used on the final product. Creating a beautiful final product is at the heart of how artists operate.

It is the rare house that is perfect in and of itself. Every property can benefit from a bit of bling.

When the time comes for you to sell your property, you’ll be faced with a decision that can make a significant difference in the selling price of your house. Not only does the ultimate selling price come into play, choosing how your house will be presented also determines how long your house will remain on the market before it is sold. This too is a major factor in how much return on your housing investment you will see at the end of the sale.

Scientists tell us that big purchases like houses, cars, and fine jewellery are all made from the part of the brain that controls emotion. We imagine ourselves using and enjoying the big-ticket item – how will we look in the car, what colour suits us best, does this (fill in the blank) make us feel successful and secure? Each of these trains of thought comes and goes from the emotional terminal of the brain. If the item stimulates us to feel happy and content, we’re apt to buy it.

So, when you select the professional home design company who will prepare your house for presentation, you are making a decision that will impact your finances throughout your future.

If you choose a mediocre stylist who styles all homes in the same way without taking into account the lines of the house, the light within it, and the emotion it stirs in the people who view it, you won’t see the best possible sales price. Worse, your house, unless it is properly presented, will likely sit longer on the market. Every day a house spends waiting for its new owners to come along is money lost from your future.

If ever you need to upgrade your presentation it is in the process of selling your home.

Professional home stylists carefully study a number of disciplines before they put that study to work in the real estate world. A great stylist knows not just how to make colours and textures work together, that stylist also knows how to determine who will buy your house and how that individual or family will use the property.

A very big part of why buyers find a house irresistible is the way in which the furniture is chosen and placed within the property. Since few of us have an extra houseful of furnishings waiting to fill our listed house, we are nearly always in need of furniture hire. Sydney has a good many furniture vendors who will hire their furniture for listed houses, but few property styling companies have a huge inventory of furnishings of their own to choose from.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, our furniture, décor, and other accessories are our own. We carefully curate the entire inventory so that whatever style furnishings our stylists intend to use in your home, we have precisely what is needed. It’s like having an enormous closet full of clothing in which we can dress your house for success. We have something for every house.

As we are a well-established and long-successful home styling company, we’ve been transforming plain houses into irresistible homes in the Sydney area for decades. We pay attention to each and every detail of your property to make future buyers sit up and take notice. The details of how your house is put together depends in no small part on the furniture hire. Sydney home buyers look for more than what looks pretty and comfortable, they need a sense of comfort, style, and the feeling of ‘home’. We supply just that.  Call us today and see what makes Urban Chic Property Styling the premier styling company in the Sydney area.


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