Selling your home or apartment is one of the biggest productions in which you’ll ever take part, notwithstanding your high school play. If you remember that event, you’ll recall that your play ate up most of a semester’s time. There were auditions, rehearsals, and costume creation as well as the memorisation of parts, and, of course, the all-important preparation of the set.

Unless you happened to be among the people who created the backdrop for your play, you may take setting the scene for granted. Actually, selecting the perfect props and painting the scenery turns out to be just as important as the cast’s careful study of their lines. So it goes with staging property. Without a compelling set, your home sale could miss the mark.

Setting the stage for a big sale can be quite complicated and, contrary to what you might believe, the more modest your home or apartment is, the more work it will take to maximise its charm. As in all marketing, the smaller your home-sale budget is, the more strategically you must allocate your resources.

As a high-powered advertising executive carefully weighs the market served by this magazine or that television network before he or she makes an ad buy, so must your home styling firm be prepared to understand what your particular buyer wants and precisely where he or she will look for it. (There is little to be gained from fishing for marlin in your bath-tub. It’s simply better to fish where the marlin live.) There are bits of essential knowledge that only a really good home designer will know.

A well-established property staging firm will have invested heavily in the industry research and data that defines your buyer. Not all home designers understand the importance of knowing the buyer – they fly by the seat of their pants – a daring adventure undertaken at your expense that sometimes comes up fruitless. Better, in this largest transaction of your lifetime, to go with tried and true strategic marketing. Choose cautiously from among the home design companies available to you.

As your drama coach probably told you, there are virtually no wasted words in a play. Every bit of dialogue is designed to add to the plot and maximise the storyline. The set, on which you worked so diligently, must also capture your audience’s attention. The back-drop of your home sale must also do its job to envelop prospective buyers in the story – ‘this is what my life in this house would look like’.

By selecting precisely the right colour palette and the perfect furnishings and décor, your house stager can make the storyline – ‘if I buy this house, I could live happily ever after’ – perfectly possible. This is why we spend the money to have our homes staged by a professional property designer.

Professionally dressing your home, particularly if you consider it to be not entirely spectacular, is just like money in the bank. A really well prepared property makes real estate agents giddy with delight. If your home staging pro has done his/her job well, your property will be shown much more often simply because agents live to sell. They will naturally put the homes most likely to sell at the top of their list.

If you want rave reviews for your production, you must hire big-name talent. Urban Chic Property Styling has just the star power you need. A well-designed stage is essential to give play-goers an entertaining experience. Staging property is just as important in giving potential home-buyers a positive and convincing glimpse of what life would be like if/when they buy your house. Once that goal is achieved, the sale comes quickly. Enjoy your standing ovation and take a bow.

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