If you have chosen this year as the time to sell your Sydney home or apartment, you’ve picked a good time. The job market here is on the rise, and with jobs, come people. With prices on the high side, though, you’ll have to take extra steps to make your property stand out, according to Sydney property stylists.

If you want top dollar for your real estate sale, you’re facing a very picky crowd. For this reason, more and more real estate selling agents are urging their clients to invest in property styling ahead of the listing of their homes.

Today’s buyers, members of the millennial generation, are part of the largest group of buyers anywhere in the real estate market across the globe. The previous group, baby boomers, wanted a home with large, lavish lawns and high-maintenance amenities. Today’s younger crowd is looking for clean, convenient, and whatever it takes to leave their free-time free.

Sydney property stylists tell us that these millennials are hard-working, hard-playing people who want their homes to be something other than an anchor. They want to be free to pick up and go away for the weekend without a second thought, so the property stylist’s challenge is to create an organised space that makes for low-maintenance. They are very budget conscious, so they want their homes to be highly efficient when it comes to heating, cooling, electricity and plumbing systems. Higher tech millennials want their house to work for them.

This year, when you hire a home stylist to prepare your property for sale, look forward to suggested upgrades that include energy efficient appliances and fixtures like water saving toilets. The millennial buyer is apt to go for the beach-front ambiance of the Hamptons Style that features unfussy, classic style with a quietly elegant sophistication. It looks like a holiday home. It feels like a holiday home and, to this bunch of buyers, it can become a dream oasis at the end of the day.

Your stylist will still recommend muted, neutral colours. (You just can’t go wrong with these for any niche within the real estate market.) The art on the walls for this group speaks of adventure, travel, and exotic places since they would rather travel than do just about anything. (Just one of the reasons for their requirement for lower utility costs.) There is just nothing traditional about this group of buyers except that they want good value for their dollar.

They shop for homes in a new way – on the internet – and they will probably have turned away from more houses in one evening that most of us have actually inspected in a lifetime. The advent of the internet has changed how people search for property forever. Your real estate agent knows this and will probably urge you to invest in high-quality photographic services, but that comes after the staging is complete.

The best reason to invest in home styling is to create the mood that millennials find irresistible, because its emotion that sells homes these days. Your buyer will have made up his or her mind about your home within 10 seconds of walking in the door, and in a market where higher prices pose such a challenge to the buyer, what you offer has to be practically perfect. Enter, Urban Chic Property Styling.

With a long and solid reputation for excellence in the greater Sydney area, stylist Juliana Gowen and her team stand ready to make your home into a millennial magnet. You may choose from options that include just a consultation, to a whole-home package that includes your exterior and all rooms within.

We tailor our product to fit your needs and are always proud when we are called on to be a working member of a real estate sales team. It’s our pleasure to help provide Sydneysiders with a reliable service that furthers the economy of this vibrant city. Call us today and find out why Urban Chic Property Styling is the premier styling service in Sydney.


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