As you approach the business of selling your home, it’s important to recognise that this business transaction may hold the keys to your future. Your real estate investment incorporates years of scrimping and saving and lots of money and time in creating equity. Now that it’s time to sell, you want to be certain that you’ll get every dollar you’ve spent back out of it and many more to boot. Before you list your home on the market for sale, understand that proper preparation and careful home staging gives better sales, an even better chance to recoup your money, and enlarge your nest egg.

Buyers in the Sydney housing market are feeling some pressure over constantly rising prices. They have worked to save the deposit and often learn that the money they have struggled to gather up is probably not enough. This puts a big burden on you, as seller, to give them the best bargain possible. It’s up to you to help them recognise the value your home offers. But how?

The first piece of advice your real estate selling agent will probably give you is to hire a professional home stylist or house stager as they are sometimes called. In this market, without the knowledge and experience a good home stager brings to the sales team, you can easily fail to get out of your property what you’ve put in. Hiring a stager will help give you the advantage of the extensive research and study the staging industry puts into knowing what buyers today are looking for. To top it off, the stager can put all of these “wish list” items into play at your property without breaking the bank.

Understand that the cost of home staging is minimal. Usually, staging a home costs between one and three percent of the home’s asking price. Once the staging is complete, you will enjoy a sales price well over that asking price. Sometimes, professionally staged homes sell for as much as 20 percent more than the original price. In other words, home staging, when done right, can boost your bank balance significantly.

Home stagers are trained to make the most of even a modest home, making it look as if it slipped right off the pages of a slick, beautiful-home magazine. They take into account the architecture, the location, the price, and a hundred other factors to make the place irresistible to buyers.

Stagers also study buyers. They know what colours they want, what finishes they like on shower doors and drawer handles. They can probably even tell you what the income of your future buyer is and where the family will go on holiday next year. Employing modern strategies becomes indispensable here. This information is the product of ceaseless study by the industry – this meticulous scrutiny makes their wizardry possible. They can dress your house to fit the wishes and needs of those in the market to buy. This uncanny match making skill gives sellers a decided advantage.

After the initial phases of your home staging process, the professional stager will arrive at your door with the furnishings, the art, and the small decorating touches to make your home sparkle. A good staging company will own an inventory of stylish furnishings so diverse that they can perfectly appoint any home from traditional to trendy. From the books on the shelves to the toaster on the kitchen counter, they have everything necessary to make your house look picture perfect. Buyers will be captivated and offers will begin rolling in.

The biggest secret to selling your home is in the way you approach the process. If you think of it as just trading houses, you’ll probably get a satisfactory result. If, on the other hand, you recognise this as a really pivotal business transaction – which, of course, it is – and use all the advantages you have at your fingertips, you can profit hugely. Your business investment can and will pay off according to your commitment to its success.

When you bring in the best professionals you can afford, including those to whom house styling for sale is an art and a science, your ability to see a big return on your investment increases accordingly. Why settle for less?

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