When you think about the impressions a room can make, it’s easy to forget about the powder room. In a space that’s generally the size of an average closet, you have the opportunity to make a big, bold statement for relatively little money. In the world of Sydney home staging, upgrading a powder room can help to make prospective buyers fall in love with your property. Your powder room, no matter how small, can make a big impact on the sale of your home when it’s handled properly.

As you consider your options, understand that this tiny room can carry off bold colours and dramatic fixtures. Naturally, you’ll want to discuss changes here, as in every other space within your home, with your home stager. That being said, this small space is a place that most guests will eventually visit. Why not dress it up for company?

Colour: As always we want you to discuss colour choices with your home staging professional. Neutral colours are the choice of most stagers because they appeal to the broadest range of buyers, but that doesn’t mean the walls in your powder room need to be boring. Your stager will make suggestions that may surprise you. Why not a dark charcoal gray? Small rooms can carry off a darker colour if there is plenty of light – either artificial or natural – and lots of reflective surfaces for that light to bounce around on, giving the room the feel of more space than it actually has.

Lighting: Of course, lighting is key here, particularly if you opt for a deeper, richer colour. Since this is your opportunity to wow the visitor, consider a dramatic lighting fixture. What about a surprising, ornate mini chandelier? Such a lighting fixture can add sparkle to the room, particularly if it has lots and lots of reflective surfaces for the light to play on. Splurge a bit here and then enjoy the compliments later.

Fixtures: The powder room is just the right size to get adventurous with furnishings. Normally a sink and a toilet are all that the room requires, but because of its small space and limited role this is the perfect place to add, for example, a vessel basin that sits atop the vanity unit. These sinks come in an array of looks that can transform a small space and, because your powder room basin will only be used for hand washing, the fixture can be half the size of the basins you might use elsewhere.

Another popular option here is a pedestal basin. Looking stately and formidable even if they are small in stature, a pedestal basin is ideal for a tiny space. Most powder rooms need little or no storage space for bath towels and toiletries, so the usual vanity may be wasted space here. As long as there is sufficient room for a bar of soap or a soap dispenser, your pedestal basin will work beautifully.
Mirrors: Where a small mirror would do, why not install the biggest, handsomest mirror you can afford? Once again, the reflective quality of the mirror in the powder room is key to making the room more dramatic. Choose a framed mirror or one with beautifully bevelled glass to show off your light fixtures…maybe even add sconces for effect.

When a prospective buyer steps into your powder room, it should speak boldly of elegance and hospitality. It’s the home’s most often used comfort station, offering guests and family members an opportunity to enjoy a moment of quiet grace and sophistication. Your chosen home stager will help you make your powder room into an oasis of beauty and bling. When you give them the challenge of making your littlest room into a big statement, they are sure to help make it a ‘wow’ factor.
Sydney home staging is different from home staging elsewhere in Australia. Here, where prices continue to rise, it is essential that the prospective buyer finds extra value in the homes he or she considers. The powder room can be the ideal place to make that happen. Talk to your stager and see what transformations are possible in yours.

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