After you’ve chosen your real estate selling agent, don’t be surprised when that agent tells you that step number two is to hire house stylists Sydney in a real estate market that is not just hot, it’s hot like the surface of the sun on a summer day. If you take a quick look at the listings in and around the city, you’ll see hundreds upon hundreds of properties, all of which hope to be sold quickly and for a solid profit. The competition is too keen to leave anything about your home sale to chance. Enter the home stager.

Home stagers have the job of making each home as perfectly presented as it can possibly be. Not only do they make the most of every interesting feature of your house, they also make any small flaw’s look insignificant and unworthy of consideration. They help your listing photos look outstanding and they do everything it takes to pique the interest of prospective buyers.
The question is how do you select just one home styling firm out of the many that now exist in and around Sydney? Here are a few tests that might help you make that selection.

When you make inquiries about a staging company, the length of time the company has been in business is terribly important. Practice makes perfect. You probably would not appreciate an evening listening to a concert by a pianist who has just perfected his rendition of Chopsticks. The more years of experience the staging firm has under their collective belt, the better off you’ll be.

Every home staging company has its own personality and unique set of challenges. When a stager has met and vanquished difficulties, that stager has more confidence and a better grasp of how problems can be solved. Newbie stagers – those who have just begun their work in the real estate world – still have lots to learn. When you choose an inexperienced stager, you are funding their education with your potential profit. That can be a very dicey wager.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, we have decades of experience. Before we were home stagers, we were home sellers – real estate selling agents with many years of experience in knowing the ins and outs of why people buy and how to please potential buyers. Unlike the situation above, when you hire Urban Chic, you are allowing our experience to put the odds in your favour.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, we own an entire inventory of quality furnishings. That means we have invested in the best pieces of furniture of varied styles and colours in order to complete your rooms in the way most likely to engage the interest of potential buyers. Companies who are new to this business most often rely on rental furnishings that are often damaged or worn. Very often, such companies cannot produce the furnishings you chose because they are not available from their vendors. We think you deserve the look you bargained for. The only way to ensure the quality of a finished product is to own the component parts. That is one way Urban Chic Property Styling remains Sydney’s best.

We also own a fleet of moving vans. These vans are driven by well-trained movers who can deliver and install all the furnishings you need for your staging project. Because they are also experienced, our installers understand the importance of caution and care in setting up and taking apart a staged room. They don’t leave holes in the walls or scratches on the floors or walls. (These kinds of accidents can dip deeply into your profits, which is a primary reason you’ll want professionals in charge of doing the heavy lifting.)

At Urban Chic, we take the ratings our customers give us very, very seriously. While other house stylists Sydney post happy reviews on their websites, we actually provide references given by real people. We don’t rely on reviews composed by professional writers to sway you towards hiring us. Instead, we give you the names and numbers of clients who have had direct interactions with us and who can tell you about their real experiences with our company. We are so proud of our performance, we do not hesitate to allow you to check those references before you hire us.

When it comes time for you to hire a home staging company, these three factors are important ones to consider. Home staging can make or break your real estate success, particularly when you are dealing with a sale in our area where the competition is so brutal. Hiring home stylists Sydney with all the experience, the equipment, and the right sort of evaluations will place you in a much more likely position to realise your home-sale goal. This transaction will probably be the biggest business deal you’ve ever undertaken. Why not do it right?

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