Older homeowners around Sydney are moving. Interestingly, many of them are doing exactly the opposite of what we might expect. Instead of clinging to the home where they raised their families in the suburbs, many empty nesters are headed back to the city life. According to the purveyors of conventional wisdom, many of these baby boomers are looking to find what they’ve been missing and they are pulling out all the stops to accomplish these goals.

So often, property styling for sale is the process we create for growing families. We do what we can to create homes where families will nest, grow, and roost. Now we’re seeing a move toward downsizing. These seniors want more action than simply watching the chrysanthemums sprout.

If you are part of the crowd that is ready to roost, you may be leaving behind a smaller place – perhaps an apartment that won’t suit the family life you’re planning. Good for you. Now, the trick is trading places.

It seems that seniors are ready for a bit of urban excitement. They want a house that doesn’t demand so much of their time. They want to live in a place where they can walk to the corner store or to a favourite cafe. At this point in their lives, they are ready to visit museums and attend the theatre. Our hats are off to these adventurous spirits.

The question remains. What property styling for sale steps must one take to woo this particular group of home buyers? The answer is easy. Call in the best property styling expert you can find. There is no professional quite so in tune with the buyers in today’s market as the excellent property stagers at Urban Chic Property Styling.

Their first qualification is experience. The stylists at Urban Chic Property Styling have been preparing properties for sale in the Greater Sydney Area for decades. Our founder Juliana Gowen, and others among us, began their careers as real estate agents. This gives us all the extra edge of knowing how to ‘read’ buyers and the market. What we don’t know already, we spend lots of money and time learning through extensive research and study. This helps us fine tune the properties we service so that they are irresistible to buyers.

We learned long ago that the way to a buyer’s heart is through the brain – more specifically, the part of the brain where emotions rule. Scientists tell us that big buying decisions are driven by emotion, so we use the subtle language of feelings to help you sell your house.

How we accomplish all of this gets filed under ‘trade secrets’ but we can say that we invest heavily in research. This gives us information that’s worth its weight in platinum. When we dress your house or apartment to suit the most likely buyer, we select the colour scheme, the fabric texture, and even the mechanics of lighting to touch the buyer’s deepest inner needs for safety, security, and yes, adventure. We are tuned in to what they want and need so that we can dress your property to meet those needs.

The psychology of home sales is not a new factor, but it’s becoming better tailored to each of the important buying niches so that we can more easily produce something for everybody. That’s good for us and it’s very good for you.

If you are considering up-sizing, now is a sensational time to get the journey underway. Now that you know that there’s a big market for your smaller place, how will you begin? We suggest that you call us today.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, we will meet with you, look at your property and formulate a plan to prime your property for ‘love at first sight’. When buyers see your house or apartment for the first time, they will just see all of the wonderful things. If there is a downside to your property – and every property has at least one — we’ll work to down-play it so thoroughly that the buyer will look right past it. Our job is to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.

In our world property styling for sale is not just an art, it’s also a science. Why not call us first?

Image courtesy of Brosa.

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