Home styling or house staging has become an integral part of the real estate industry around the world. In Australia in general, and the Sydney area in particular, the diligent application of professional home styling services seems to have driven the housing market in the past few years. That’s great news for home sellers according to house stylists Sydney.

In spite of the predictions of a serious drop in housing sales, the fact that the railways and the government seem to be building infrastructure to meet the growing needs of the Western Suburbs defies the prognostication. Wherever you live, selling your house in the Sydney area is a very viable financial plan.

If your financial plan requires you to make the most of your largest investment – your house – you must jump through all the hoops in order to ensure your ROI (return on investment.) We at Urban Chic Property Styling have been working with selling agents and their clients for decades to make the housing sales in Sydney what they are today. We’re quite proud to report that our business continues to make fruitful home sales the rule rather than the exception.

With us, there is no guesswork.

Some house stylists Sydney do not own the furnishings they use to stage homes. They rely on vendors who enter into short-term hire agreements with the staging company. That means that when it’s time to install the package, you may not get what you bargained for. From a design perspective catch-as-catch-can home furnishing plans often fail to maximise the appeal of the property.

Our goal is to enhance every room in your home so that your property is the most beautiful expression of itself. To do that we give each little decision our professional attention. This leaves nothing to chance. We match the furnishings to the home, which helps to match the buyer to the seller.

We, along with other reputable home styling companies, invest heavily in the research necessary to know your probable buyer inside and out. We make our design decisions based on science and art, both of which mean that your house will be irresistible to the largest segment of the home-buying public.

Because we know that big buying decisions are made in the part of the brain that controls emotion, we understand that creating an emotional connection with the potential buyer is essential. We are dedicated to learning what psychological “triggers” set off the decision to buy a house.

From the fresh new paint to the perfect rug, all the component parts of a property’s presentation – the art as well as the science – come together to reach a happy ending. Our dedication to such details leads to fast and very profitable sales.

A part of staging a property that few people think about is the ways in which good styling can impact the number of times a house is inspected by potential buyers. A house that is spectacularly staged attracts selling agents like a magnet. Because they understand the sales dynamic, they will flock to show (and sell) a house that they know will go quickly. That, of course, is where their commission comes from. The more times a house is shown, the faster large offers will come in.

For their part, prospective buyers who fall in love with your house (thanks to its superlative staging) will almost automatically ‘up’ their offers because they want to claim the house for their own. At this point in the selling adventure, defeat is not an option. They are in love, after all.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, we are committed to providing the best house styling services package available in the Greater Sydney area. Coupled with our extensive experience in the industry – we were selling agents before we were stagers – you have the perfect combination.

When it’s time to sell your largest investment, trust the professionals at Urban Chic Property Styling to prepare your property. We’ll use the art and the science of good property presentation to make your home all it can possibly be. In our area, the keen competition demands that your house stands apart from the rest. This can best be accomplished by bringing in the best property stylists Sydney has to offer. That’s Urban Chic Property Styling.


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