When you are planning a move and preparing to sell your current home, your real estate selling agent will almost always urge you to hire a property styling firm. If you are not familiar with the property styling services that can be accessed through a home staging company, you may be pleasantly surprised. The truth is home staging packages can be tailored to meet your specific needs. With a good property styling firm, you can kiss the hassles of moving goodbye.

Whether it’s you and your family moving, or your elderly mother is moving in with you. property styling services can help. Every move is different. Each and every real estate sale is unique. When you enlist the help of a property styling company, you can decide which of their services are most valuable in your particular circumstances.

Job Transfer or Home Consolidation
Sometimes our entire lives can be uprooted by a change in jobs or a new set of life situations. If your job requires you to move abruptly, you need to pick up and go quickly. This may mean that you must leave your family behind to cope with the chores associated with moving. In cases like this, you can call in a transport company to move your household, and then turn the entire process of preparing your home for sale over to your property styling company and your real estate selling agent.

A good property styling company can handle all the process of preparing your home for sale from cleaning the shower to painting the walls and repairing the air-conditioning unit. Whatever jobs need to be done, your home stager can arrange them right down to getting quotes and supervising the work.
With one or two consultations, you can make all the tedious arrangements with your stager and walk away. You can make the move without worry.

If you have time on your side and your move won’t happen for weeks or months, you can still coordinate the necessary repairs and renovations through your home stylist. For example, you might want to do your own interior painting or the final cleaning. In cases such as this, your stager can arrange to take care of any and all remaining tasks. Your contract with the home staging company can do as much or as little as is required.

Furniture Hire
One of the biggest issues that homeowners face when they are preparing their house for sale is furniture for the final staging. Most of us don’t have enough furnishings to fill two houses – the one we’re moving out of and the one we’re moving into. This may be one of the best reasons to hire a professional home stager.

Most excellent home staging companies own an inventory of furnishings warehoused for use in preparing a house for sale. With the help of your stager, you can discuss what style and size or scale the furnishings should be, and then pick out the pieces you want from their selection of pieces. Whether you intend to furnish all the rooms in your house or just a few, your home stylist can help. In the end, your house will look like the home of a successful family, which is just what today’s buyers want.

Your staging company will transport the furniture to your home and install it according to the stager’s plan and then, when the house is sold, will pick it up and deliver it back to the warehouse. Plus, if you’ve chosen a reliable home styling company, you can rest assured that there won’t be any scratches left on the floors or the walls. Hiring professionals takes the terror out of moving.

Your peace of mind counts for something. Moving is, according to scientists, one of the biggest, most oppressing life-events that can come your way. It is, believe it or not, as traumatic as a divorce or the death of your best friend. You owe it to yourself and those you love to make this event as easy and fluid as you can. Keeping your sanity is a worthwhile goal.

If you are in need of property styling services, don’t hesitate to call Urban Chic Property Styling. Our professional staff stands ready to ease the pain of moving and help sweeten the sale of your property.

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