Update Your Laundry
When you’re ready to sell your house, even small additions that can make daily chores easier are a great addition to your property. Today, the largest real estate market niche is the group we call the millennials. These are young, upwardly mobile buyers who balance their careers with a very active leisure life. Sydney property stylists tell us that these buyers don’t want to be tied down by household chores.

As you consider what upgrades and additions you can make to create a more appealing atmosphere for these buyers, consider the daily grind. For example, laundry duty looms large as a time-consumer. What can you do to make laundry chores easier?

Add a Laundry Folding Table
Even if your laundry area is small, it isn’t difficult to find a few feet to install a drop-leaf table that can be folded away when the laundry is finished. You can either do it yourself with a section of MDF (medium density fibreboard,) and a couple of 2 x 4s and a few hinges, or buy a pre-constructed unit (something along the lines of a nappy changing station that can be easily mounted to the wall.)
Naturally, you’ll have more flexibility if you build the unit on your own. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the saws and special tools for carpentry. Usually, your timber yard will happily cut the materials you need for a nominal fee. Essentially, you’ll just mount the 2 x 4s to the studs in the wall with screws, and then attach hinges to the MDF and the 2 x 4’s so that they work together. (A quick internet search will get you useful step by step instructions on creating and mounting your own laundry folding table.)

If you’re short on time and courage, you have interesting options. Sydney home stylists we know suggest that you take a trip to an office supply store that sells desks. There you will find drop-down desks all ready to mount to your wall for less than $200.00. Also, don’t rule out ready-made furnishings. We saw a wonderful drop-leaf table that measures only 20 centimetres wide that could slide easily between your washer and dryer when it wasn’t in use. Pull it out, lift the leaves, and then fold them back down and slide the table away when the laundry is finished.

If you have lots of space in your utility area, consider adding a cabinet from the local op shop. You can buy a cut-to-order counter-top at the local home improvement store that will attach to your cabinet. When you’re finished, you’ll have a folding table complete with drawers for all the bits and pieces that eventually find their way into the laundry. You might also cut a salvaged door to size, attach it to your wall, and then top it with Plexiglas, which your window glass retailer will cut to your measurements. Poof. Instant laundry folding table.

A folding station is a sensational way to get the job done quickly without lugging baskets full of clothes to other parts of the house. It also gives you a place to dry sweaters and such like that must be dried flat.

Speaking of Drying
Mounting a hanging closet rod somewhere in your laundry area will save tons of time and energy in the dewrinkling process. Hang sweaters and shirts right out of the dryer then you won’t be forced to re-introduce your clothes to the dryer for “ironing”.

Wall-Mounted Mini Ironing Board
We understand that nobody uses irons any more. Nevertheless, there are some articles of clothing that can benefit from a quick swipe with a hot iron from time to time. These miniature ironing boards are about 1/3 the size of your mother’s and fold away into a tiny cabinet of their own when they’re not in use. If you install one, you might find that more of your clothes need a quick pressing than you ever knew before.

When rooms where work is done are outfitted with helpful hacks like these, potential home buyers see an opportunity to do a better job at handling the tasks they face daily. As you consider the staging of your home for sale, talk with your Sydney property stylists about how to upgrade and improve your work areas. Buyers will be glad you did.

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