So often, when we’re talking about styling a home for sale, we forget to take into account the children. Or we seem to. We focus on making a home as neutral as possible in order for home stylists Sydney to make your home appeal to the largest number of prospective buyers possible. Sometimes, however, when it comes to the number of children and their genders in the larger scheme of things, it’s difficult to predict precisely how that will play out.

How many kids will the prospective buyer have? Are they boys, girls, or a combination? It’s a quandary that defies the capabilities of the standard crystal ball. Still, we understand that if you are selling a home or apartment with multiple bedrooms, chances are there will need to be a space for children and their endless array of toys, books, sporting equipment, hobbies, and homework.

There are certainly ways you and your home stylists Sydney can make provisions for the smaller folk without making gender assignments or insisting that rooms be painted pink or blue.

Within the family of the millennial buyer, we know there is an emphasis on organisation. For this, we have often suggested that a back entry area be equipped with shelves, cubicles, baskets, and hooks for coats, shelves for boots, and perhaps even a bed for the millennial dog.

We have also encouraged the organisation of the laundry area to include, if not individual hampers, certainly large baskets to contain the clean, folded laundry belonging to each family member. Making life look easy for the buyer and their family is critical when dealing with this particular niche in the real estate market.

In terms of the children within the millennial family, we know ahead of time that there will need to be bedrooms with furnishings for sleeping, studying, reading, and storing those skateboards, soccer balls, and Brisbane Barbie. Those amenities can be provided without necessarily making them male or female.

It’s also not advisable to create a nursery for the prospective buyer. They may or may not intend to have more children and we don’t presume to encourage them either way.

Common areas, including kitchens and sunrooms, may suggest nooks for homework or areas in which science projects can be constructed and tested, but our goal is to make the family, however it is configured, feel ‘at home’ and never compelled to fit into some statistical model. We work to create a sense of welcome and comfort that is so essential to today’s home buyer.

What we hope to achieve in our creation of a perfect home in the Sydney area is to make it a blank slate. When considering styling for your home, think high-end hotel or resort. There is plenty of space for whatever gear comes with the family, and it’s all done without presumption. We aim for useable space arranged with beauty, utility, charm, and sophisticated style. Home stylists Sydney are uniquely equipped to do just that.

We approach a multi-bedroom property in a way that allows for all possibilities. There may be subtle suggestions, but part of our job is to put all options on the table and allow the prospective buyers to envision the rooms as they see fit. That may seem easy. It’s not. Nevertheless, we are up for the task.

With a huge inventory of rental furnishings ready for hire, and skilled teams of fully trained and experienced home stylists, companies such as Urban Chic Property Styling have been accomplishing the business of creating homes that appeal to families in the Greater Sydney area for decades. While new companies are sprouting up everywhere, our company has stood the test of time. We have the aforementioned crystal ball and the expertise to read it, so we can help design your space in a way that makes it irresistible. Even to millennial kids.


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