A recent study by Australia’s biggest comparison website, finder.com.au, found that 47% of house hunters decide whether they like a property or not as soon as they step inside. They are even influenced by the vehicle you have parked in your driveway. As any property staging professional will tell you, first impressions really do count when selling your home.

The main focus of the research for the study, however, was on the biggest turn-offs for home buyers, with the biggest offender being any signs of mould. According to the study, a whopping 87% of house hunters would be put off buying a property because of mould. Other off-putting offences included structural decay (84%), the smell of damp (83%) and signs of smoking indoors (55%).

The remainder of the top 10 turn-offs were a dirty bathroom (54%), peeling paint (48%), an out-of-date kitchen (45%), signs of a pet dog or cat (42%), worn carpets (36%) and a messy interior (35%). Also included on the list were an untidy garden, old-fashioned wallpaper and dirty windows.

Interestingly, the research also found that buyers could be put off if they saw a motorbike or ute parked outside a home for sale, but a BMW or Jaguar makes a good impression.

The major takeaway in all this? If you are putting your home or investment property on the market make sure it is sparkly clean and tidy then attend to any of the other turn offs if at all possible. Repainting and replacing worn carpets will cost money upfront but will pay big dividends in getting more potential buyers to inspect your property and a higher sale price.

Even an out-of-date kitchen can be given an affordable refresh with new cupboard handles and taps, a new splashback and, if needed, a new stove and rangehood.

You also need to take a good hard look at your property’s street appeal. The survey also found that buyers reduce their offers by as much as 25% if a home has poor street appeal. So tidy up that front garden and park a luxury car in the driveway.

Even if your house is absolutely spotless, you have a modern kitchen and a freshly polished BMW in the driveway, property staging is your key to a successful sale. “Sometimes owners don’t see the facets of their property that can be deterrents for buyers,” says Juliana Gowen, Creative Director of Urban Chic Property Styling. “Styling helps the property ‘feel right’ to prospective buyers and it shows them how the property functions as a home. It helps them imagine themselves living there and creates more attraction to the property.”

Urban Chic’s expert property staging team styles properties at all price ranges, from budget apartments to multi-million dollar luxury homes, drawing from a warehouse of furnishings to ensure styling is tailored to the property rather than taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach. “Styling ensures your property presents at its absolute best,” says Juliana. “Obtaining the highest price is about creating buyer competition. Buyers compete for a property if they’re emotional about it.” To ensure your property is an irresistible magnet for potential buyers, speak with a property stylist today. Call Urban Chic on 02 8959 7789.

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