When a House Doesn’t Show Well
Sad words from a real estate selling agent. “The property just doesn’t show well.” They strike dread in the heart of a home seller. If a house doesn’t get the attention it must have in order to sell quickly and for top dollar, it may stay on the market for many months, costing the homeowner dearly every day. The bills for electricity and insurance don’t stop when the house isn’t snapped up in an instant by an interested buyer. Nor do the mortgage payments simply wait until the home is sold. House styling for sale is an important part of the real estate selling process.When a house doesn’t show well, it simply needs some help.

Buyers, particularly in a market as fast and hot as Sydney’s is, are looking for bells and whistles. Because they have prepared themselves to pay a higher price to live in our lovely area, they expect more from a house than simple walls, ceilings, and floors. They are looking for pizazz. That particular commodity doesn’t come in a can. Pizazz comes in the form of a home stager.

All houses have charm in one way or another. They each have good points and most have a few blemishes. If your property isn’t properly prepared to show off the good and make the bad disappear, your house might not show well. If it doesn’t generate any excitement in the eyes and imagination of prospective buyers as soon as they walk in the door, you’ve got problems.

Scientists who study human beings and the way in which they make major buying decisions have found that emotion drives such decisions. They also tell us that within a matter of seconds, home buyers will have decided about the house they are inspecting. They may not have been past the entry, but they know that they either love the place or not. The very challenging job of a home staging professional is to make the buyer fall in love with your property instantly.

A professional home stager takes pride in knowing what kind of person is going to buy your house. Because they have some very reliable information gleaned from extensive research, they can predict with surprising accuracy how much money the buyer will make, where they are likely to go on holiday, and what shade of green they like best. They put this information to work in the way they dress your property.

Appealing to the widest range of prospective buyers is the way to make them fall in love. Something as simple as a painting in the entry that features a mountain landscape can put the buyer in the mood to make an offer on your house. Somewhere deep in the buyer’s subconscious mind the image of the mountain validates a link and the buyer says, “Hey. This is a great house for a hiker!!” Of course, this is an oversimplification, but attitude and mood are part of the magic that is necessary to sell a house.

Today’s buyers look at countless properties for sale featured in the real estate listings online. They pore over these listings day after day after day. It may be weeks before they pick up a phone to call an agent. When they do, they will have a list of two or three properties they really like and want to see. In other words, if your house isn’t WOWing the buyers online, it won’t get the chance to WOW them in person.

If your house isn’t showing well, it’s probably time to call in a property styling specialist. With their knowledge of the art, science, and the magic of dressing a home for sale, a good stager can bring all the loose ends of a home together in one pretty bow. A house that doesn’t show well isn’t going to sell quickly.

House styling for sale isn’t as easy as one might imagine. To do it well, and to do it in such a way that your house sells quickly at a higher price than you imagined, you will need the help of a seasoned professional. At Urban Chic Property Styling, we have everything you need to make your house shine. Call us.

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