Where Our Roots Are

We are always pleased to see property staging companies sprouting up like mushrooms here in the Sydney area. Competition is a good thing. It keeps everybody on their toes. In the business of staging property, we like to be sure we are on the cutting edge of property design and a little fresh thinking helps us to do just that.

Our story is worth telling. Back in the days when property staging was not a well-known thing, our founder was a selling agent. She saw that it made houses easier to sell when there were furnishings and other props in place when buyers inspected the houses. Since developers and apartment complexes were starting to use staging as a selling tool, we jumped on the band wagon. We’ve been styling properties in Sydney and her suburbs for all the decades since that time.

We believe our history of successful real estate sales gives us a powerful advantage over other companies. However, it’s so much more than fluffing up a few scatter cushions and putting pretty towels in the bathrooms. Knowing what the buyers like and appreciate is the trickiest part of what we do.
All around the world, the business of staging property depends on this intimate knowledge of what buyers want. Collecting and successfully implementing this information about buyers is what made the industry take flight. The psychology of the sale is a part of real estate that wasn’t used effectively until fairly recently.

An example of the big surprises we find when we study buyers is the fact that most big buying decisions are made in the part of the buyer’s brain where emotions rule. Until we learned this, real estate selling agents were trying to capitalise on logic. Now that we know that even the affordability of the property is subject to consideration only after the buyer falls in love with the property, the way we sell real estate is transformed.

We are matchmakers. We can look at a house, know its likely price range, and then stage it with the colours and fabrics that match the income profile of the most likely buyers. It works well as just about any successful real estate selling agent will tell you. This is, of course, why most agents urge their clients to find a good property stylist before they do anything else. Home staging has proven to raise the price of homes in the Sydney area dramatically.
Not only does solid staging help to encourage bigger offers, it also helps the offers come more quickly.

Buyers in this market understand the law of supply and demand. They know that a WOW house will sell quickly, so they don’t dawdle over buying decisions. They make offers nearer the top of their budget because, after falling in love with the house, they don’t want to lose it over a few thousand dollars.
This is precisely why a professionally staged home will sell, on average, in about 11 days. The International Association of Home Staging Professionals also tells us that an unstaged home will linger on the market for 90 days or more. Staging a property is just good business.

Imagine the bills that can mount up while a house is stalled on the market. Mortgage payments continue as do bills for electricity, insurance, and other incidentals like lawn care and council rates. If you’re like many, you cannot close your new house sale until the old home sells, so you and your family are living in limbo. We wouldn’t wish that on anybody.

Limbo is a hard place to put down roots. We suggest that you do everything in your power to make your home sell quickly. We also think it best if you get the most money you can from your real estate investment.

To do this, you will need to pay particular attention to the proper staging of your home before it’s listed on the market. (Waiting to see if it sells ‘as is’ is a strategic catastrophe. Buyers who see a home listed for any amount of time without selling will view it as having something wrong with it.) Your best course of action is to leave your house in the hands of professionals. When your selling team is made up of a proven selling agent and a professional at staging property, you have the best of all advantages. Call us today for a consultation.

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