Your Biggest Deal
How old will the buyer for your house be? One might not imagine that age would create a significant impact on how you go about staging property ahead of listing your home on the market, but it’s hugely important. Not too many years ago, the largest and most influential segment of the market was that group we call baby boomers. These are the people who were born in the 40-year period following World War II. The baby boomers have now been eclipsed by the millennials, buyers who came of age nearer the dawn of the 21st century. This group is now the largest collection of home buyers on the planet.

As one can see, age seems to be the primary factor in differentiating one of these groups from the other. In the Sydney area real estate market the millennial buyers and their particular wants and needs drive much of what is done in terms of presenting property to buyers. From the colours on the interior walls to the level of maintenance required in the garden, millennial buyers have very specific requirements. Your home styling professional will be able to help you make your home answer the millennial requests.

Legitimate house styling companies spend considerable resources identifying the ways in which one segment of the market differs from others. By doing constant research, the house staging professional can discover the needs of a segment of buyers and respond by making strategic design decisions in the homes they prepare for sale. They work to make your house appealing to the largest body of buyers possible and, in doing so, are more likely to create more interest and more offers for your property.
What kinds of things are millennial buyers looking for in a home?

Millennials have a very busy lifestyle. Unlike their baby boomer parents, they seem to have little or no interest in buying a home that needs much attention. They are generally uninterested in ‘fixer uppers’ and high maintenance backyards will most likely send them elsewhere. Millennials are interested in safe-guarding spare time for their other passions.

Millennials would rather go parasailing than prune their roses. They don’t want a house to shackle them or hold them hostage. They want a house that is in excellent shape already and does not require the immediate expenditure of time and/or money. They are looking for a home that is “move-in ready”.
Millennials are also more than a little concerned with the natural environment. They are passionate about the planet because it’s their favourite playground. For this reason, environmentally friendly appliances, systems, and other features strike a chord with them. This is why your home stager will recommend that when you’re upgrading kitchen appliances or the toilet, you go with a model that doesn’t squander resources. They are also attracted to features that save money in the long run.

When your windows and doors promise savings in terms of heating and cooling, that means the millennial buyer can toss those savings into a holiday fund that might take them to the top of a famous mountain or send them scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. They work hard and play hard. They don’t want a home that wastes resources – the natural kind or the hard-earned ones.

If your plan involves selling your home, you will be money ahead to consult first with a professional house styling company. Selling your house will not be as easy as clearing your stuff out and signing a few documents. Today’s real estate market demands so much more. The flip side is that staging will reward you handsomely for doing your homework.

Houses that are professionally staged sell for far more money. Even an average home or apartment in the greater Sydney area will sell for more if it has been carefully and thoughtfully prepared for presentation. (Staging nearly always pays for itself.)

Staging property requires more than just a flair for style. It works best if the upgrades and final touches you put into your home are strategic – even surgical – in terms of appealing to the most buyers possible. This could be the most important financial transaction you’ll ever undertake. Treat it like the biggest business deal you’ll make in your lifetime, because it probably is.

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