If being a success in life is a goal – and it usually is – we often turn to role models for advice and tips that will help us along the way. If you were in the fast food business, you would probably strive to learn from the best. A very wise man once said that every teenager on the planet should spend a summer working at McDonald’s if they ever plan to succeed in life. Why? McDonald’s is a global success. We know that their corporate plan works – it works so well, in fact, that their philosophy spells success in practically all situations, from the business of selling hamburgers in Tokyo to the home stylists Sydney working to prepare your home for sale.

Young people whose first job is working at this formidable fast food restaurant chain quickly learn critical lessons that will launch any number of careers. Among other things, these young folks are taught the importance of proper preparation, attention to detail, and preserving the image of success – common factors in any persuasive project, whether it is selling hamburgers or homes.

People are drawn to McDonald’s wherever they happen to be. It isn’t that the fast food is any faster there. It isn’t because the burger is the tastiest or even the best value. Visitors may be tempted by street food in Morocco. They may even have a taste or two. But, chances are they will gravitate toward the Golden Arches when it comes time to seal the deal. People want food they can count on. No matter how worldly they may be, they generally want to invest in products they know and understand.

So it is with home buyers. When they are in the market for a home, buyers will search until they find certain very basic, but incredibly important, assurances.

Clean: One of the first things trainees learn at Hamburger University – the global training campus for all McDonald’s management personnel — is that image matters. A manager for each restaurant in this chain cleans his own parking lot each morning – then he picks up any litter that appears on neighbouring lots. Your street appeal is the first impression home buyers get of your home. It is essential that impression is a good one.

Unlike most other public venues, the restrooms at McDonald’s are checked every day for evidence of graffiti. The entire building, it’s exterior, and the surrounding area is predictably clean and well maintained. Such details give patrons a sense of comfort and security, creating an oasis of familiarity in otherwise exotic climes. Home buyers are on the hunt for well-maintained properties that need little or no work – homes that are ‘move-in ready’. They want the property to be squeaky clean and will turn on their heels at any sign of dirt or grime.

Familiar: Once they walk through the door, guests at McDonald’s are no longer on an adventure. They are not looking for local flavour. For this reason, the paint colours, the furnishings, and the décor are almost identical from restaurant to restaurant – there are no surprises. When your home stylists Sydney furnish your house, they will not include your family holiday photos nor are they likely to showcase your many paintings of cats. The art will be lovely, of course, but it will be neutral and impersonal. Anything that identifies your home as belonging to you will be gone – we want the buyers to be able to imagine it as their own.

Dependable: People who dine at McDonald’s do so because they can be certain they will not be served burgers made from yak or zebra meat. These diners want top-quality beef – no substitutes will do. You may rest assured that home buyers will investigate every angle of your house to be certain that it is exactly what it appears to be – sound, sturdy, clean and efficient. They will want to be sure there are no surprises lurking just under the surface. For this reason, your home staging professionals will work to be sure that no red flags exist to give buyers pause. The reputation and experience of both your selling agent and your home stager will go a long way towards giving your buyers the assurance that your home is the real deal.

Taking a page or two from the book of a corporate giant can help you achieve a real estate transaction to be proud of.



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