We talk often here about the way in which today’s real estate buyer shops. Since the advent of the internet, most of the real estate shopping that takes place happens from the comfort of the buyer’s home. House shopping is done on the internet, like most other shopping. It’s a sign of our times. That does not mean that styling your home for sale is in any way unimportant or out of vogue. As a matter of fact, internet shopping is among the top reasons for professional property presentation Sydney in the first place.

There is a great savings in time available to home buyers now that they don’t need to go to an agent’s office, spend lots of time driving around from house to house, and inspecting houses in person. The time a buyer spends actually “inside” any particular house is whittled down to practically none. This means that the real estate game is even more fiercely competitive.

Studies show us that when a buying decision is made, it happens within seconds of “meeting” the house. When the introduction is made via digital image, the sweet spot where buyers fall in love is even smaller. A house that doesn’t photograph well is doomed. Then it gets even more complicated.

Very recently, we’ve learned that it is now possible to tune in to real estate auctions online. Not only that, but a buyer can actually bid on a house and win it without ever leaving his or her sofa.

If professional property presentation Sydney was important before, it’s critical now.

It boils down to this – what we have now in the successful sale of property is an increasingly truncated period of time where mistakes simply cannot happen. The days of having plenty of time to ponder a house-buying decision are over. Now every move has to be done with precision and perfection. Every impression your house makes on a buyer has to be an excellent one. (Talk about stress?)

That’s the bad news. The good news is that it is possible to make a listed property look like it just slipped off the pages of an upscale home decorating magazine with just a few good choices. Professional property presentation Sydney is now the accepted standard in home sales. Nearly every selling agent in Australia – practically globally – recommends professional staging as a first step to listing a home for sale.

Why not? Studies prove that homes that are professionally staged sell in a matter of days, not months. The average home listed on the market without benefit of professional staging spends 90 days on the market. That means three months of mortgage payments and insurance premiums the seller will continue to pay.  A professionally staged home generally sells much, much faster. The sale goes quickly and painlessly.

The other half of the property styling equation – the cost to stage – is also a consideration. Fortunately, it’s not a big one. This is because the cost to stage a home is overshadowed almost entirely by the increase in selling price.

Given the speed in which a staged home sells and the increase in selling price home staging makes possible, staging is no longer considered a luxury. It’s become a necessity.

Finding a home staging company that can meet all your needs and transform your home into an irresistible temptation to home buyers isn’t all that difficult. Of course new companies are sprouting up like weeds all over the Sydney area, but there is no need to allow the sheer numbers to overwhelm you. Find a company that has stood the test of time.

Urban Chic Property Styling has been transforming houses and apartments in the greater Sydney area for decades. Not only are we gifted stylists, we were once gifted real estate selling agents. That’s what gives us the edge over our competitors. We are steeped in the real estate business. With longevity and success in our portfolio, you need not look further than Urban Chic Property Styling for professional property presentation Sydney style.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Chaplins Furniture.

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