New home buyers are frantic. They want to be property owners, of course, and by the time they are actually ready to buy they have been literally driven for years. They have made major sacrifices in order to raise the deposit on this, their first home, and now they crave a peaceful, restful retreat where they can quietly wind down from the ordeal. Sydney property stylists have been aware of this need for cocooning for a very long time, and the best ones have been building such calmness into the houses they present.

These buyers simply want to get this whole home-buying experience behind them so they can immerse themselves in the calming waters of success. Who can blame them? They have achieved a huge goal – the Everest of their young lives has been summited. Now, they want to take a breather. Fortunately for the sellers who were clever enough to hire a really excellent styling firm, the serenity these folks are seeking beckons from each room of their house of choice. Sale made.


What tools does a Sydney property stylist use to create a restful, welcoming space? They begin with the room’s background. Walls painted in restful colours make an instant statement to home buyers and they begin to breathe easier as soon as they enter a room so painted. Neutral colours are not terribly exciting. We don’t want them to be – generating agitation is the last thing we seek. Instead, we are looking for a colour scheme that quiets the noise in the buyers head. (This noise can include a telephone call that must be made, a situation at work, or even a grocery list.) In order to make a sale we want the buyer to be ‘in the moment’ not distracted by other problems. Quieting colours can do this.


Clutter is an automatic angst bringer. As a species, we are instinctively alarmed by un-done tasks. Whether its towels on the bathroom floor that signal work to be done or a stack of bills on the kitchen counter, somewhere in our amazing brains, a piece of us goes instantly to work arranging for the completion of such tasks. If we are, as most buyers today seem to be, too busy to get to the task right away, it lingers in our subconscious minds goading us regularly until the project is complete. Today, this stressful situation is the rule rather than the exception in the day to day lives of people. We call it stress. Your buyer needs no such reminders when he views your house. Clean, clear spaces make for a calmer buyer.


Nature seems to bring us down from the walls we’ve climbed thanks to stress. When your stager introduces natural elements to your rooms, the simplicity in our lives beckons us to relax and enjoy these elements. We breathe a little deeper in the presence of plants and rocks, so they are literally and figuratively natural ways to wind down and should be part of any home staging plan.

Soft Light

Harsh light from overhead fixtures can cause us to bristle just as surely as the untrimmed hedges can. Big bold light causes our blissful peace to vanish – it signals us to be alert to the dangers of un-reconciled cheque books and toilets to be cleaned. Avoid lights that beam angrily down on buyers. Instead, go for a layered look. Use lighting sources that inspire a restful spirit – and, if the natural light from the window brings in a busy view, use sheers to soften the blow.


Today’s buyer is less inclined to collect ‘stuff” to serve as status symbols or prove their worth. This group of buyers we call millennials wants a more peaceful world in which to spend their time at home. They generally don’t fill their spaces with non-essential items – neither should your home stager

This un-busy look is a hallmark of great Sydney home stylists. Because an experienced home stylist knows the tricks to create a more restful space, your home is closer to having that SOLD sign in the front yard when you bring in the right professional.

Image courtesy of Abstract House.

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