From Dinky to Dynamic
Sydneysiders are often challenged to make small spaces appear larger and more desirable to home buyers in our competitive housing market. With prices remaining high, making a small home or apartment seem larger can convince the buyer that there is plenty of room – even some to spare – for the price. When we discussed ways to do this with Sydney property stylists, they came up with a list of tips and hacks to take the selling of a tiny home or apartment to a grander scale.
1. Start with Light. Bring in as much natural light as possible by eliminating heavy draperies and window coverings. Where possible, eliminate window treatments entirely and allow your room to reach into the out of doors, adding that space to its own. Where privacy is a problem, think in terms of window treatments that can be made to disappear – blinds, shades, and sheers are the answer here.
Remember light is your best friend when it comes to enlarging small spaces. It adds to the visual sense of space and makes the home feel as big as the great outdoors.
2. Think Scale. When it comes to smaller spaces, the size of the furnishings you display is critically important. Look for sleek and stylish furniture that is scaled down to apartment size. Our very talented Sydney property stylists have the tools and know the magic to make an epic modular sofa work in a small room, but not all of us know those tricks. Scale the furniture down wherever possible, but don’t skimp on seating. Get creative by using auxiliary seating in the form of ottomans and/or the clever coffee tables we sometimes see that conceal seating cubes beneath when they are not needed.
3. Making Necessary Furnishings Disappear. Use glass tabletops in small spaces to supply utility while taking up little or no visual space. Use a light coloured sofa against your light coloured walls to keep the big piece from dominating the entire room. Choose seating pieces with legs in order to display more space beneath. We know. Prospective buyers might not actually think about that space, but the appearance of extra space registers in the human mind even if such space might be difficult to use. The very idea of extra space will work in the end.
4. Eliminate all Clutter. Unnecessary ‘stuff’ can make a small room look smaller. In small spaces it is essential to eliminate all non-essentials and master organisational skills for the remainder. In bedroom wardrobes and kitchen cabinets down-size what you can and organise the rest. Most home buyers – most human beings, actually – live in the hope of finally getting their lives organised. Presenting your space in a way that displays everything in its proper place can inspire your buyer to make an offer. It offers an answer to one of the biggest creators of stress in the lives of the people who will view your apartment.
5. Give the Television a Home. Buyers sometimes need help in visualising how your apartment will work for them. The placement of the television is one of those helpful hints most buyers will appreciate, particularly if your apartment has no precise room definition. Lofts with wide open space can sometimes confuse people – help buyers imagine how it can be divided and conquered. Rugs and furniture placement will help here.
6. Annex That Balcony. If your apartment is blessed with even a small balcony or deck, by all means stage it to represent quiet times with a good book or morning coffee. This is legitimate living space that begs to be used.
7. Leave No Room Vacant. Without furnishings, a room’s actual size gets lost. Buyers’ eyes cannot accurately measure the room without having a bit of furniture to provide a point of reference, so be sure to stage each of your spaces.
8. Create an Office Nook. Today’s wage-earner often works from home, so providing a space to accomplish that is key. The home office nook need not be large, just functional. Even older, empty nesters who are searching for an apartment want a place to do their bill-paying chores.
Your Sydney home stylists will help you with the challenges associated with making a small apartment appear more spacious. The tricks of the trade known only by a professional can move your apartment from dinky to dynamic.

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