Sydney’s housing market may have softened a bit, but buyers are still out there. The determination they have for becoming a part of the dream of home ownership has not dimmed a bit – it’s actually seen a new spark now that sellers seem prepared to negotiate on the price tag. That’s not bad news, sellers. While there are more houses on the market for sale this year over last – about 26 percent – those of you who have prepared carefully and done your homework (read: property styling for sale) will be happy to know that your efforts will still pay off.

Buyers in the Greater Sydney market are still looking for value – they still want all the bells and whistles they can buy. They simply want good value for their dollar. If you’ve taken care to properly prepare your home for sale this shift in the current won’t slow you down much. Sources say the slowdown will be short lived with another modest pricing increase due in 2019.

Meanwhile, if you are preparing to list your property for sale, understand that these buyers have plenty of homes to consider. Your job is to give them the promise of more bang for their buck. They want upscale comfort at affordable prices – who wouldn’t? So what does that mean for you? You’ll simply have to consult with the experts.

Globally, the jury is already in. Having your home professionally staged by a home styling team is probably the first piece of advice your real estate selling agent will offer. The cost of styling can be tailored to your budget, but whatever it costs the chances are good that the increase in value will sway the pickiest buyer.

Home staging professionals are continually monitoring the wants and needs of the buying public. This they provide, and the results are phenomenal. Not only do professionally staged homes sell quickly, they almost always sell for more than the asking price. In other words, your investment in staging will probably pay for itself.

What’s even better is that when a house is professionally staged to begin with, the process practically sails along by itself. According to the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, homes that are professionally prepared for sale will sell in days rather than months. This means that the ongoing mortgage payments and other home-selling overhead costs are concluded quickly. With a professionally staged home, the cash-flow haemorrhage gets stopped quickly.

Quite naturally, one shouldn’t expect the same lightning fast results in light of this move from seller’s market to a buyer’s market, but the overall effect will be the same. Home staging for sale works in the buyer’s best interest every time.

The secret we’re told is in the emotional connection the buyer instantly gets when he or she sees a perfectly staged house. Big buying decisions are made in the part of the human brain that controls emotions. When a buyer encounters a home that trips this emotional trigger, the bond is difficult to discourage.

Home stagers know how to set the stage for just such a love affair. Because they study the way buyers think and act, they can predict what colours to use, what textures are best, and how to engage the buyer instantly. That’s a good thing, too, because buyers are said to make their buying choice within seconds of entering the house of their dreams.

As any mother of the bride knows, it’s all in the dress.

When you’re ready to dress your home for sale, particularly in this buyer’s market, be certain to call in the best professional home stylists you can find. At Urban Chic Property Styling, we’ve been dressing Sydney homes for sale for decades. We have negotiated the market currents for many years and we’ve proven ourselves to be experts in making home sales happen. Our legendary customer service and professional results go before us, making us one of the premier home styling companies in the Greater Sydney area.

Call the property styling Sydney specialists at Urban Chic Property Styling today. Let us help you make your sale all it can be.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of CSR Gyprock Plasterboard and Corinthian Doors

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