Making more of your space through creative thinking and design know-how is something of a team effort. It was the ancient Greek poet Homer who said two heads are better than one, and the old chap was right. When the time is right to sell your property, bringing in a second set of eyes and specialised thinking in terms of property styling services can make a very large difference in the final sale price of your property.

Home buyers in the Sydney market are looking for a way to leverage their savings to get everything they want for the lowest price possible. Certain things, like home office space, and a larger, more luxurious feel are high on that list of wants and needs. It is with the help of a really good property stylist that you can find ways to meet those needs even if your property is not so well suited.

The good news is many of the ways we use our spaces are dictated by simple habit. In your world you may have unused space in your living room waiting to be repurposed. Maybe you are using your kitchen counter for paying bills and tending to correspondence when you have space elsewhere – a little-used linen cupboard, for example – that could be the ideal spot for just such tasks. Habits are meant to be broken.

Having a new, creative set of ideas is just a phone call away. If you’re planning to sell your place, there’s no better phone call to make than the one you use to hire your own home stager. Because people who work in the home staging industry work diligently to study the needs and desires of the buying public, the “must have” list for these buyers is at the top of a stager’s mind. These pros are constantly on the lookout for ways to fulfill the list in creative ways.

Sometimes creating a new, dedicated work space is merely a matter of rearranging the furnishings in any given room. An unused spare bedroom can very easily be made to serve the needs of the occasional guest and to fill the role of office space with just a few pieces of appropriate furniture. (Our favourite is the bed that folds up against the wall to become a blank place for art work when the bed is not in use.)

Some inexpensive timber cut to fit into an awkward corner can become a desk by using bargain store shelf brackets. Add a bit of polyurethane or a coat of paint, a chair and you have a place for the kids to do their homework or for you to shop online. This small change to an under-used space can be an eye-opener to a buyer who might not otherwise see your property as a game-changer.

Do not underestimate the importance of the ‘work at home’ trend. We know that one in every three Australian workers does at least part of that work from home. This means that anything you can do to make your property available for such is money in the bank to you.

Beyond creating space for such tasks, do check with your internet service provider to determine whether or not your residence is properly wired for high speed connections. If it isn’t, find out what it takes to make the upgrade, then make that investment. Be sure your real estate agent knows that your property is wired for work-at-home buyers. It’s a big selling point.

With the help of a really good property styling company, you can address other items on the “must have” list as well – but that’s for another day. For the present, just know that investing money in a staging company with experience and talent is critical to the successful sale of your property.

Rethinking your space is the specialty of the home styling services professionals at Urban Chic Property Styling. We take great pride in transforming what is an ordinary home into one that is extraordinary. We’ve been making such transformations in the Greater Sydney area for decades so we know all the tricks and use them to the advantage of our clients every day of every year. This is what makes us the premier property staging firm in Sydney. Why would you settle for less than the best?

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Limac Design.

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