People who make their living in the world of property presentation tell us that today’s buyer is in a rush. Buyers have patiently waited and saved every penny as they worked toward making a bid on a new home. They have pored over real estate listings online and swooned over the features of homes they love but probably cannot afford. They have learned all about frustration. Now, when they find a house that could actually work for them, they are awash in the need to get it all over with. They want to be able to move into their new place YESTERDAY.

As you probably understand because of your own experience, people today are urgent and intense. It seems like everything in the world is pressing on those of us who live here. Perhaps it is the influence of television and the movies that make us expect that even the most challenging problems need to be solved in an hour – 90 minutes maximum. No wonder selling real estate can be so fraught with the powerful need to hurry. If you are a home-seller, you’ve probably already been told by your stylist that move-in-readiness is near the top of buyers’ lists.

Today’s buyers simply cannot wait to get the job done and the new home experience underway. This is one of the most important reasons why styling your home to its best possible advantage is and has been at the top of your list as you prepare to sell. Get it right and get it right the first time if you want to get top dollar for your house.

Houses that are professionally prepared sell faster.

  • Prospective buyers choose professionally prepared homes to see first because they quickly capture the buyer’s attention.
  • The 90 percent of buyers who do their home shopping online say that images of staged homes stand out more dramatically.
  • Real estate selling agents show professionally prepared properties more often than vacant or unstaged ones. The fact that these houses will sell faster and for more money is not lost on the selling agent – this is how they get a commission, after all.
  • Professionally prepared houses demonstrate excellent upkeep. Because buyers worry about deferred maintenance, the sense of relief a well-kept home gives them may even make them bid higher.
  • When buyers finally actually visit the home they fell in love with online, their first reaction is to move in mentally. At this point all problems are solved and the emotions take over.

Buying decisions take place in the emotion centre of the brain. When the urgency and intensity of the home search is over and ‘the house’ is found, buyers can finally relax. The comfort washes away the stress and the deal is sealed. When the art and science of home staging is properly applied, everybody wins.

To the astute real estate seller in Sydney’s unsettled market, it’s simply a no-brainer. If you want to sell your property quickly and come away with as much profit as possible, step number one is ensuring spectacular property presentation. Providing the WOW factor is critical in the world of real estate today. Sellers who fail to understand this fact often find themselves facing a long wait and a downward-adjusted sale price before they are unburdened.

Choosing your professional property stylist at the outset will amplify your sales results. Happily, Sydney is up to its proverbial ears in good property styling firms to choose from. Companies that provide property styling services are cropping up in the region like mushrooms. The flip side of that situation, of course, is that with the glut of such services it’s difficult to know which one is the best. You cannot simply throw a dart at a map and pick the closest home stylist. You really need to invest some time in finding the best.

Or, in the alternative – and we like this idea best – you can choose a company that’s been around making successful house transformations for decades. You can pick a company that has a very long list of happy, successful clients with whom you can actually verify the results of their property presentation adventure. Selecting an experienced service like Urban Chic Property Styling is one of those decisions that come easy — sometimes the easiest choice is the best one. Call us for a consultation today.

Image courtesy of DelightFULL.

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