When it comes to property styling services, the products offered by Sydney property stylists are practically unlimited. Most of them are capable of picking up the sale of your property wherever you want to hand it over. Even if you require a moving van, most of the very capable stylists can make the necessary arrangements. (Yes. This is sometimes necessary. When the boss tells you to report to the Perth office Monday morning for management duty, you go – and leave the rest to somebody else.)

Not all property staging jobs are so extensive though. Your stylist will determine which services you need, and you will go from there. Sometimes, when the house is properly maintained and ready to list, the biggest thing we accomplish for our clients is to dress your house for success. This involves delivering furnishings, from rugs to books for the bedside table, and then installing them beautifully according to your personal stylist’s instructions. When the contract is complete and your house is sold, we quietly arrive with our moving vans and uninstall everything.

Some home-sellers hope to sell their homes without furnishings and without the help of a professional home stylist. Unfortunately, this works out to be a big mistake in the Sydney marketplace. Here buyers expect more. The prices for houses and apartments are so high – even with the recent settling of the market – that you’ll need every advantage to compete. That includes the towels in the bathroom and the bowl of fruit in the kitchen. That’s the way the real estate game is played in Sydney today. If you want to play, and you want to win, these rules will apply to you as well.

However, there is excellent news about that.

Professionally staged homes sell at higher prices. They also sell blindingly fast as compared to houses that don’t get the advantages of property styling services. This is why.

Real estate selling agents make their money selling houses. Naturally, when they come across a property that they recognise as a rock star, they do everything they can to get their clients through the door. This extra exposure to the buyer means bigger offers. It also means urgency. The agent will be impressing on the buyers that this particular house will sell fast – buyers will need to act quickly.

This, selling friends, is the stuff from which real estate dreams are made.

Urgent buyers make bigger offers, and they do so urgently. This is how bidding wars begin.

The time it takes to sell a house is a big deal. The longer it remains on the market, the less it will ultimately bring. People automatically assume that if a house doesn’t sell quickly, there must be something wrong with it. When the same listing photos show up on the internet week after week, the buyers mentally write the property off. If they do ask about it, you can bet that the offers will come with downward adjustments and the listing price shrinks.

The other part, and people tend to forget this, is that the longer a property lingers on the market, the more cold, hard cash is expended to maintain it. There are probably still mortgage payments being made and utility bills being paid and the list goes on. Every day a house isn’t sold, it is a costly burden.

Property styling services help properties to sell faster, not only because they are so beautifully appointed and lovely to look at, but because buyers see it as ‘move-in ready’. Buyers want a place that won’t require a long wait before new owners can take up residence. It’s that whole urgency thing again.

If you are hesitant at all about hiring a property styling company, we hope this little article will help you see that using property styling services is a smart business move. You might still have important questions about the services available, so we urge you to contact us to get those questions answered. We’ve been at this for decades. We know how to make the most of your property and your property sale. Call Urban Chic Property Styling today for a consultation.


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