A recent, well-known real estate publication featured an article outlining the amenities most wanted by Sydney home buyers. Not surprisingly, the three-bedroom two bath apartment and the freestanding homes on large blocks of land are the least likely to turn up on any of the real estate listing websites. These places are in short supply, according to Domain.com.au. Everybody seems to want space for grandkids to visit, or a bonus room that could become an office. If your property lacks a double-wide terrace, do not despair.

When you read between the lines of articles like the one above, you can see that the home buyers of today seem to be looking for more space for less money. Sadly, those commodities can be difficult to find in Sydney’s hot housing locations. Nevertheless, creative property styling for sale can help create interest and flexible space in even very ordinary places.

This is where the genius of professional property stylists comes in. These industry gladiators understand the trends in home buying. They know, for example that your two bedroom home all on one level is of great interest to the senior buyers and baby boomers who no longer want stairs to limit their enjoyment of their home. A professional home stylist can dress that ordinary home of yours in a way that piques the interest of older buyers in a big way.

With colours, textures, and furnishings to strike a chord in the emotions of older buyers, a home gains new viability even if it doesn’t have some of the other amenities on the senior’s list. The backyard may not be inviting to a gaggle of children, but it could become the ideal backyard hideaway for a pair of empty-nesters looking for a bit of peace and tranquillity. Add a pair of outdoor lounge chairs and a fire pit and voila!

We’re so used to seeing our properties just as they are today, not how they could be with a little shift in focus. In time, we all tend to stop seeing all the potential our homes really have. Here’s an example.

Among the wishes and hopes of today’s home buyers is a place for ageing in-laws. Granny flats, or the space to create them, seem important to at least one large section of buyers. Perhaps you have just the space, but didn’t realise it. This is another of the thousand reasons to bring in the fresh eyes of a professional home stylist.

Of course, adding an apartment above the garage could be very expensive, but one must consider the potential for higher sales. Again, those who do property styling for sale understand the implications of such renovations. If the improvement won’t price your home out of the market and you can do it, why not consider it?

If you own a home with stairs adding a chair-lift at a cost of less than $2,000 could make your otherwise restrictive property more accessible and far more attractive to buyers whose limited mobility narrows their options. Please excuse our cliché, but there are advantages to thinking outside the box.

Converting an extra bedroom to an office/guest room is one of the more common requests property stylists see and implement in their house transformations. More and more people are working from home these days and a home office that doubles as a spot to sleep the occasional guest is at the top of many wish lists. Creating an office space where no extra, dedicated room can be found is a bit trickier. Nevertheless, a good property stylist takes this kind of request in stride. Fulfilling the wishes and dreams of home buyers is part and parcel of their work.

When the time comes to list your property, understand that you may not be able to supply all the demands of the home-buyers in the Greater Sydney area, but you can supply some creative alternatives. By reading between the lines of wish lists, good property stylists can work magic. Property styling for sale is part art, part science, and more than a bit of imagination. Before you list your property, discuss your transformative options with the professionals at Urban Chic Property Styling. You’ll be amazed at the options you actually do have.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Design 3000.


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