As planning commissions quibble over how many apartment buildings must be added to Greater Sydney, bureaucrats realise that our growing city is in need of more and better housing options. Senior citizens who are busy with property styling Sutherland Shire homes in hopes of selling the family home are nevertheless looking forward to staying close to the neighbourhoods they love

As the baby boomers retire, they begin to look toward downsizing. Moving out of their large homes and into smaller houses or apartments is a big enough step, but moving out of residential areas in Sutherland Shire is not something they generally want. Many of the senior-ish citizens of this region want to stay put. Multi-family dwellings in the Shire are a welcome addition to those who love the storied community and are not eager to give up the friends and neighbours they’ve made over the years.

Making room for new families in the Shire is underway wherever you look. There are more properties for sale these days which can make for a downward adjustment in housing prices – an incentive for new investment.  If you’re a seller planning a move, though, how can you give your property an edge in this changing housing market?

In a tricky, or shifting, housing market it’s imperative that you get all the best advice you can find. When you select your real estate selling agent, look for one that has been in the business long enough to remember previous fluctuations in the housing situation. There’s nothing like experience to arm an agent for what’s ahead. The same is true for stylists.

You’ll also need to find a home stylist who has plenty of experience in changing markets. Because home stagers must have a handle on the wants and needs of the buying public, it’s also critical that your stylist is up-to-date in terms of research. A really good staging firm spends much time and resources in research. Buyers like the ones we see most often these days, the millennials, have a very specific list of things they want in a new house. It’s your home stager who can deliver what’s necessary to seduce today’s buyer.

A house that’s decorated and presented in a way that appeals to baby boomers is not likely to WOW the millennial buyer. Their wants and needs are poles apart. The good news is that an excellent stylist can shift the focus where your house is concerned to make it precisely what the millennial needs.  Once again, it’s the experience your stylist has that will make the difference in the end.

By having an intimate understanding of the millennial psyche, your stylist will be able to guide you through the necessary pivots and turns to make your home a millennial magnet. Knowing, for example, that saving money on utility bills is a ‘must have’ in the millennial market, can point you and your stylist down the road to energy efficient upgrades to your house. From adding insulation to upgrading kitchen appliances, taking steps to lower overhead costs is a powerful incentive to today’s buyers.

These home buyers are motivated by savings. Unlike the previous owner – you, the baby boomer – the next owner will want to spend NO time fixing up the place. They would rather be climbing mountains in Tibet than spending weekends in the garden, or mowing the lawn. Their priorities are completely different to yours, so property styling Sutherland Shire these days has a totally different perspective than it did when you bought the place 30 years ago. Appealing to those differences is the job of a gifted professional home stylist.

When you’re ready to liquidate your real estate investment, remember to treat it as the business transaction it is. Focus on doing everything possible to keep the process of selling your house in line with what you would do if you were making a different kind of business transaction. Study the market, look at what’s moving, then call professionals who know how to maximise your potential for growth.  Your real estate sales team, the selling agent and your expert in property styling Sutherland Shire, will coordinate their efforts to transform your house into the home of a millennial’s dreams.  Sell well.

Image courtesy of Geometrik Design.

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