Doing it Right the First Time
Not every home listed for sale sells in a matter of days. As a matter of fact, some homes linger on the market for months – even years — without a serious offer. There are reasons for this, none of which can really do much to cheer the dispirited real estate seller. If your home doesn’t sell as planned, it’s time to rethink your system. Perhaps you priced your home too high? Maybe you skipped the staging step thinking that styling properties is a wasted effort?
Many first time sellers leave the home vacant, believing it to be such a bargain that it would sell in a heartbeat, and not knowing that a vacant house automatically looks smaller to prospective buyers than if it were furnished. The list of reasons a house doesn’t sell is a long and complicated one. Our answer to the problem is a simple one: get it right the first time.
Get a Sensational Agent
The first step in a happy home sale, we believe, is getting the right selling agent to handle your property. Knowing the market and understanding the selling dynamic is only part of the deal. You must trust your agent thoroughly and follow the instructions they give you to the letter. As professionals in the real estate industry, a good selling agent can be the best first step you could possibly make. Hiring the best agent in the world makes no sense, however, if you don’t listen to their advice.
From advising you about price – and occasionally bursting the balloons you had dancing around in your head – a good selling agent knows what your house will bring and how best to market it. The factors that influence the sale of your home range from the all-important price and location, to the season of the year and the colours you choose when you repaint the interior. Each of many, many considerations will influence how much money you will clear at settlement and it will impact the number of days your home will stay on the market unsold.
Preparing the Presentation
The other half of your dream selling team is a property styling company you can also trust and whose results in the market are consistently great.
In Australia today, most real estate agents urge sellers to invest in staging the home. Homes that have been professionally styled will often sell for more than the original asking price and will be sold much, much faster. Sometimes in a matter of days. Naturally, real estate selling agents want to encourage you to do what it takes to get results like those.
In order to fully enjoy such results, there are steps to take along the way. The good news is your styling team can make all the obstacles you face before the sale into little stepping stones.
If there is work to be done on your property before it’s listed, your styling team can help you accomplish it. They study the psychology of real estate sales so thoroughly that they can tell you which colour to paint the bathroom and, if you don’t want to paint the house yourself, your stylist will recommend a painting contractor to help. If there are repairs to be done, your stager will list them for you and even help by getting quotes for each job and supervising its completion. A good home styling company can eliminate most of the stress associated with a real estate transaction.
Don’t Forget Photos
When it comes to property presentation, nothing will seal the deal quite like terrific photos of your home. Because most home buyers begin their purchase by shopping online, the quality of your photos is critically important. Once again, your decision regarding whom to hire to do the photography will be made easier by the members of your selling team. Your real estate selling agent and your house stylist know which photographer does the most successful work and will make arrangements for your house to put its best foot forward in terms of online images.
Before your property becomes a “newly listed” one, it’s best to be absolutely certain that the home is in its best possible condition. If the home fails to wow initial buyers, your house could become old news, making buyers think it is somehow flawed. You only really get the opportunity to make a first impression once. If you miss this property styling train, you may be faced with reductions in price or a long wait, neither of which are what you probably had in mind. In short, you’re wise to get it done right the first time.

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